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5 Elements Balance Self-Test

Success starts with understanding of how Five Elements are represented in your body, career and relationships and then finding the way to generate, sustain and nurture your Life Force energy, so you can energize your health, love life and professional endeavors. Your first step is taking Five Element Personality Assessment Test.  It creates a baseline from which to work and reflects how what you put into your body and the energy of your environment, including relationships, shapes your emotions and personality. Completing this test  will help you understand where you are not fully balanced and what you need to make a shift into being more balanced, joyful and successful in life.

I. Make a table with 5 columns and 18 rows. Write numbers 1-90, starting with number 1 in the first column, number 2 in the second column, 3 in third column, 4 in fourth, 5 in fifth and continue distributing next five numbers 6,7,8,9,10 respectively into columns 1,2,3,4,5 until you complete the task putting all the numbers in their columns, ending with the last number 90 being in the last column.

II. Read the statement below and circle the number in your table that matches a statement number that describes how you feel or act in life. Leave the numbers that do not reflect your feelings unmarked.

1. I love to help others reach their goals

2. I am animated and enthusiastic

3. I have a deep desire for knowledge

4. I make decisions quickly

5.I like time to reflect over things

6. I like to stay connected to others

7. I make friends easily

8. I make my decisions based on facts

9. I am competitive

10. I desire the truth

11. I have a deep sense of loyalty

12. I have great spontaneity and excitement

13. I ask a lot of questions

14. I am willing to take risks

15. I tend to be retrospective

16. I am nurturing and supporting

17. I easily get bored

18. I like order

19. I am right to the point

20. I like to be alone

21. I like to diffuse difficult situations

22. I am outgoing

23. I like systems

24. I like new adventures

25. I love personal growth

26. I often put the need of others before my own

27. I love to network

28. I am good at creating structure

29. I seek causes

30. I love to see the big picture

31. I like to be needed

32. I am very aware of others feelings and thoughts

33. I like clarity

34. I like to lead

35. I am persistent and thorough

36. I tend to worry

37. I love very stimulating environments

38. I like perfection

39. I am ambitious

40. I am cautious and sensible

41. I do not need recognition, but I like to be appreciated

42. I share my thoughts and feelings easily

43. I am neat and orderly

44. I feel confident and act accertively

45. I keep my feelings and thoughts to myself

46. I have great sympathy for others

47. I do not like criticism and judgement

48. I feel more comfortable when others follow procedures

49. I openly discuss my achievements with others

50. I fear revealing my inner secrets for fear of being rejected

51. Others would say that I am a peace maker

52. I often feel it hard to live up to others expectations of me

53. I love systematic approaches to solving problems

54. I am comfortable with conflict and pressure

55. Others would say that I a, a philosopher

56. I like details

57. I am impatient

58. I leave other people affairs to themselves

59. I think on my feet

60. I am uncomfortable with emotional situations

61. I am diplomatic and tactful

62. I have a fear of public humiliation

63. I like well defined guidelines

64. I like a challenge

65. I am calm in most situation

66. I like to keep the family connected

67. I share my feelings easily

68. I like to observe before jumping right in

69. I know what I want and go right after it

70. I have great patience

71. I have a hard time accepting praise for myself

72.  I love intimacy

73. I hold back my feelings and emotions

74. I judge myself harshly

75. I tend to be more private

76. I find myself rescuing others

77. I am a romantic

78. I often criticize and blame myself

79. I have a hard time letting go to relax and play

80. I see life more seriously

81. I often feel unsupported

82. I enjoy being magnetic

83. I have a fear of confrontation

84. I have a fear of making a mistake

85. I am a deep thinker

86. I feel empowered when helping others

87. I become completely involved in the events around me

88. I can be counted on to get the job done

89. I have a fear of being suffocated by others

90. I like to support others in seeing a larger vision

III. Complete reading all 90 statements and circling the numbers that match your statements. Count how many numbers did you circle in each column. Write corresponding number under each column. For example, if you circled 1, 11, 16, 31, 41, 46 in column 1, write 6 at the bottom of this column.

IV. Column 1 represents Earth element, column 2 is Fire element, 3 – Metal element, 4 – Wood element, 5 is Water element. See which column has the biggest count of numbers circled – this is your dominant element at the time of assessment. As we work together, these counts will change to reflect positive changes and shift into more balanced personality.

Open your Five Element Personality Results:

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