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ADD Research and Treatment

Blaming Does Not Help! What Does?

Even though most of us would probably consider ourselves to be reasonably effective and fully functioning individuals and would NOT characterize ourselves as having ADD, the truth is that 60% of us are holding at least one of the Tuberculinium miasms that create additional inner stress in our life. It makes us sleepy while we are reading, irritated while we are listening to someone’s talking or extra sensitive to the clothes tags or seams. It makes us less productive and less happy that we can really be.

People with TB miasm stress are paying a very high price for being fully functional while their nervous system tries to cope with overwhelming inner and outer stresses. Taking care of your nervous system via completely safe, non-invasive WaveMaker treatment may be the last piece of the puzzle you need to put in place for your total Peace of Mind, Focus and Happiness.

This treatment takes about 1 hour, but it starts an incredible cascade of alignments within your body leading you to a fuller, more peaceful, and easier life. During the next several days after the session your upgraded nervous system and body will be learning how to respond to life in a new way. Some of the results may be substantial and obvious, while others may also be significant, but more subtle.

Some of the changes reported by my clients include:

  • Longer attention span, much less procrastination,  completion of the big projects
  • Judging my actions less, feeling calmer and worry less
  • Decreased food and skin sensitivities, breathing deeper and easier, having more energy
  • Feeling less restless, more patient, and being able to read longer without being tired or sleepy
  • Stopped stuttering,  follow conversations easier, see and hear better, became comfortable with public speaking
  • Improved handwriting,  stopped transposing letter/numbers when writing
  • Eat less, lost weight, quit smoking
  • Have a more joyful life

A Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study

Recently, a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized design study was conducted by my parent organization in California called  Great Life Technologies, Inc. Below is the data and examples from the initial study of academic fluency tests before and after WaveMaker treatment. This data validates and quantifies the initial findings and clearly shows the differences between the placebo group and the treatment group.


A pilot study with a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized design using our new approach to “debug” the underlying basis of one of the apparent major causes of ADD/ADHD was conducted using WaveMaker technology and Dr. Kramer test kits. Preliminary results were very encouraging. You can see below examples of the initial data from the study. More details will be added as the further studies are conducted and data gets more fully analyzed.

Example 1.

Academic Fluency Testing – The kids in the study were given academic fluency tests before the first treatment, before the second treatment and three weeks after the second treatment. This testing pattern was designed to allow us to see the differences between the placebo group and the treatment group. This pilot study involved 20 children. 10 initially received the actual treatment while the other 10 received a placebo or sham treatment. This means that they got what looked like the treatment but the WaveMaker Pro device that was used for the study for them had the internal wires disconnected, so it looked like it was working but it wasn’t.

The data showed significant changes in academic performance of participants before the first treatment and two weeks later, right before the second treatment. These participants were in the group of students who got the actual treatment on the first round. Although all of the academic performance improved there was a huge contrast in the writing fluency. The test gave the student three words and a small picture and the instruction is to write a sentence about the picture that included these three words.

During the first test, one of the students could only write one sentence and it wasn’t very legible. During the second test he wrote 11 sentences and they were more legible than the one in the previous test.

With the first test he was in the bottom one percent of writing fluency. In the second test he was now at 52% which placed him right in the middle of normal writing fluency for his age. The director of the Banyan Tree Learning Center was asked if she ever saw this kind of change in two weeks and she said that she had never seen this kind of change even with a full year or tutoring.

Example 2.

Difference between placebo and actual treatment were illustrated by examining the Conners ADHD assessment of a child who participated in the study. This student was in the Placebo group (because of the double blind study design no one new this until after all of the testing and treatment sessions were completed) . His test clearly showed that his academic results were insignificantly changed.

The second test taken after the actual treatment showed the dramatic reduction in ADHD symptoms. The WaveMaker treatment was offered to all participants two weeks after having the placebo treatment during the first session.

All results indicate the positive effects of reducing ADD/ADHD symptoms after debugging the TB Miasm are truly coming from the actual treatment with the WaveMaker and are not caused by placebo effect.


The WaveMaker treatment described above incorporates several out-of-the-box concepts to provide a whole new approach to dealing with the wide spread problem of ADD/ADHD. It provides a biophysics based, non-invasive, non-drug approach to resolving what appears to possibly be one of the major underlying causes of ADD/ADHD. The foundational theory for this treatment is based on research in the field of Epigenetics that is the study of the environmental influences that effect how the functions of the genes are regulated. Its research shows that ADD/ADHD traits are caused by an inherited epigenetic influence of inter-generational complication of Tuberculosis. One of the studies done in South Africa confirms this theory:

The inherited tendency of ADHD is also acknowledged and is being studied as part of the Human Genome project –

Although this study is looking for a genetic cause we believe in epigenetic nature of this disturbance rather than genetic.  According to our theory the ADD/ADHD distortion is an effect of a residual Tuberculosis inherited from the ancestors who had  the illness before having children. This not fully healed patterns called Miasm causes a person’s attention to be pulled inwards in an attempt to heal the epigenetic influence of the illness. It appears that such Miasms may influence families for many generations, just as other epigenetic influences. An example of such influence and a possibility for pattern correction is the famous study of the fat sickly yellow mice producing small brown healthy offspring when fed a particular substance. The healthy offspring then also have the same kind of healthy offspring.

The WaveMaker technology along with proprietary specially prepared ampoules that contain the isolated information of the inherited TB epigenetic influence were developed to selectively invert and weaken the electromagnetic field of subtle inherited epigenetic influence of the TB thus rendering it non-disruptive to the nervous system. So far we have been using this completely safe, non-invasive treatment on individual cases with very encouraging results.

The treatment can be delivered either directly via the WaveMaker technology by having the recipient hold an electrode attached to the output port of the device, or by imprinting the ultra-weak but highly specific electromagnetic frequencies into specially prepared remedy drops.  In both cases highly specific electromagnetic impulses delivered by WaveMaker technology cancel out the energy of the disruptive influence in the body creating peace of mind, focus and emotional balance.

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