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De Corazon a Corazon, from My Heart to Yours Accepting Your Nature and… Moving Forward

Friday, April 1st, 2011

This morning started with sunny brightness behind my light green curtains. The day was clear and so was my schedule. I was planning to focus on completing this article and later to work on my new book. Then phone rang and a cheerful voice from California started its 30 minute conversation.

The picture of me that I was receiving did not make any sense and the conversation was becoming difficult. It felt like I was trying to find a little space in the wall of words to share what was really happening here in Chicago, but California was having a good time sharing what it thought about me and my life, so there was no real space, attention or authentic desire for the heart to heart conversation. I felt a huge energetic pit hole opening in front of me and employed all my senses to help me stand on my feet while watching my spirit falling lower, and lower, and lower. The cheerful voice kept explaining how un-enthusiastic, ungrateful and undirected I was and how much it has given and invested in me. It was becoming frustrated and confused with me (after all that has been done for me) that I was still me, being and doing what I felt was right and representative of my values.

Even though it was almost impossible, I successfully managed to interrupt the flow of cheerfulness for a few seconds to insert my two cents into a monologue that the cheerful voice was having about me. At the end of this short encounter I felt lost, sad and disempowered. Moreover, I felt like a failure and it did not feel good. I felt like I did not want to be talking to this cheerful voice ever again. Ungrateful? I did not think so. It was necessary if I wanted to preserve my sanity, dignity and my personal values.

Then I found myself wondering what was the hook that kept me in conversation I was no longer enjoying? Would I ever have courage to let go of my visions of amazing potentials in the future, so I can stop these low frequency encounters in the now? I wanted to forgive myself for being a human being and allow my Soul journey to be a flow of joy verses the path of struggle to be understood during these forceful get-togethers.

Wanting more of… (love, money, ability to offer your services, traveling the word, receiving education or teaching others) is an issue of identification with what we do, what we have and what we imagine others may think of us. We look at these issues through the looking glass of achievement consciousness while missing the fact that discrimination point between the two (achievement and under-achievement) is a very subjective matter. What some of us perceive as an underachievement may look like the wildest dream of success for somebody else. At the same time, someone’s success picture may be the biggest dread for you. If you want to feel successful, it is important to identify what it is you are looking for first (verses what is the others’ opinion about your path to success).

If you serious about being YOU and living YOUR life, take a piece of paper and write the answers to these important questions:

What do I perceive as an underachievement? I feel I did not do enough because…

What makes me feel unsuccessful? I feel I could…

Why do I feel that way?

Look into who’s words are you writing on your paper right now? Do you recognize anyone’s voice in your head?

Who in my life used to say that over and over again?

Who’s opinion about this matter did I internalize?

What is it that makes me feel successful? I feel successful when….

Sometimes a process of “measuring” where you are in your life and where you want to be becomes an issue of its own. Noticing the distance gets you off the original focus into false need to do something to gain support from outside, leading you into the false relationships and not-self interactions. For some people, being on the moon and not on the sun is a failure! For others, not being able to pay the bill this week feels like a struggle, but they know that they can overcome the challenge and they keep an optimistic attitude supported by their creative actions.

Being able to dream and desire is a great life force energy that is fuelling your progress. Being fixed on the speed of this process or attached to the way it “should” be happening creates a distraction. Often a tendency to force an outcome instead of letting the process to unfold naturally brings about feelings of frustration and underachievement. Shifting your focus from the process to the lack of the anticipated results can make you doubtful and uncommitted to the course of action which has been joyful and desirable at the beginning.

Our body/mind/spirit system is a key instrument of measurement that helps us evaluate all the data we collect. Unfortunately, we often feel overwhelmed by the amount of intense mental and painful emotional information that we receive. In an attempt to reduce this overwhelm, we make a subconscious decision to partially withdraw from receiving all that information. Such inner decision made in a state of defeat, becomes part of our defense mechanism that helps us survive the intensity of our life by avoiding intense situations or over-reacting and throwing a temper tantrum.

If your life is full of frustration, disappointment, blame, guilt, isolation, struggle, anger, and even outrage while you are trying to find your self-worth in the eyes and opinions of others, you may be stuck in the net of false values and not-self concepts. This feeling produces fear of “non-survival”. When you clearly know that you need to disengage from the project or a person, but you are postponing this action, your mind is giving you thousands of reason why you should not trust your guts. When we resist our authentic knowing, we also become the worst critics of ourselves, calling ourselves crazy, dumb and stupid while trying to suppress our own clarity and truth.

When we do not allow ourselves to be authentic, we start judging ourselves or someone who we perceive an obstacle to our natural being. There is an important distinction between judging something that looks like a reactive response and noticing it in a neutral way. Judging usually comes with an emotional attachment, a charge. Charge is the energy that has been stored by your body as a warning signal. It is there to keep you from getting into something you perceived as a “negative” experience in the past. We are actually trying to push something that reminds us about challenging issues in the present or past situations. The act of judgment often substitutes the action required to change unwanted situation or behavior. It is like judging a part of yourself, that you do not like, instead of doing something to transform it.

It is extremely valuable to catch yourself as you begin judging. Notice it, acknowledge that it is just a habit and switch your attention to something useful. As you begin noticing when you use this habit, the judgment becomes less effective in its function and finally dissipates. The judgment is taking your attention from positive changes and focuses you on what is not working. When the judgment is gone, you can put your energy into forming a new habit instead of investing in a fight with your inner Judge, loosing your attention in the constant battle against yourself.

Are you choosing where and how you are or are you being “pulled” into events, interactions and decisions? If you act out of need or lack, you will eventually accumulate tension that will wear you down. Notice what are you hungry for or what part of your body feels worse when you are not acting on your truth can help you identify where the “frozen” memories, pains and other charges of the past are stored in your body.

Are you looking for attention, love, admiration, feeling loved, wanting to be heard and appreciated?

Are you craving loyalty, support, perfection?

Looking into “missing” feelings and cravings for “more of… “ can help you be more conscious about choices you make. Notice how things, events, people around affect you. If what you see and feel happening is not what you want to be part of, you do not have to feel guilty about it. It is totally Ok to not be attracted to some events, relationships, or experiences. It is up to you to make a decision and not become engaged with something that does not feel right to you. You have a choice.

In my perception, life is a mysterious dance of Souls that come together to experience, to grow, to be. I love dancing and I see dance patterns in everything: from choosing the place to dance, to attracting the right partner, to having a joyful experience with it. In conclusion, I would like to share a few of my dance rules with you.

Timing is everything. You cannot co-create the dance when you are off beat or dancing a sequence that your partner is not aware of.

It is your dance. Acknowledge your nature, your gifts, and your ability to enjoy the dance of life as it comes to you. If you are not ready, do not let anyone lead you into something you are not equipped to handle yet.

Dance is an inner process, not an outer performance. Dance to experience the inner joy and do not invest your energy into impressing others.

Competition is a different activity. It takes a lot of work to compete. Dancing is not about competition. There are always better dancers on the floor as well as people that are learning from watching you dance. Let your heart dance and your legs follow.

Ambiance is important. Allow the music of life to move you forward. Dance in places that feel good, and leave an environment where you feel out of place.
Apply these rules to your dance of life and allow love, joy and the beat within to move you around your dancing floor. Life is too short to dance someone else’s sequence. Find your own flow and connect from de Corazon a Corazon, from heart to heart, to heart.

Designed for Perfection

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Are you aware of how your relationships initiate the most important and challenging lessons in your life time. Today I would like to share with you my insights about the ways we form our human puzzle. This article contains some practical tools that, if practiced, may help you successfully build your relation-SHIP, navigate deep emotional waters, and experience tsunamis of Love.

Doing thousands of individual and family readings over the last 10 years helped me clearly see behaviors through which we interact with the world and synergize a remarkable system of road maps revealing our inner natural drives and potential areas where our decisions may be influenced by others.

When we consciously live according to our true nature, we visit the right places at the right time and co-create synchronistic events. When we unconsciously act from our need to protect ourselves internalized in the earlier years, we form behaviors that compensate for this constant strain. These habitual ways of being become a strong attraction filed that often leads us into unpleasant situations that reflect our fears and create unproductive relationships.

Ancient energy systems recognized our body as an instrument of measuring overall wellbeing while focusing inwardly.  As many generations before us experienced the intensity of life on Earth and the need to stay alive conditioned our ancestors to change their ways of using inner system.  They shifted their focus and began using their energy centers to perceive outwardly as a survival mechanism.

The change from inner knowing of what is right for us to focusing on what others may feel about us, dramatically changed our relationship with the outside world and ourselves.  This collective shift contributed to our inability to focus and trust ourselves for guidance.  Disconnected from a feeling state, we had to make decisions based on what we think. As you might have noticed in your own life, decisions based on reasoning (less evolved intellectual process of figuring things out based on previous personal experiences) often over-ride your natural survival instincts and lead to misfortunes and pain. For a moment think about:

How many times did you know that the project you were getting into was wrong for you, but signed up for it in spite of your knowing?

How many times have you felt uncomfortable about someone, but created a partnership or formed a relationship based on your calculations?

How many times have you known exactly what would happen if…, and continued doing something that did not feel right?

Honoring ourselves for our individuality is the most important and challenging task for most of us. As we enter agreements with people we love, we often lose our true identity and ability to honor our own interests and life purpose. It is time for us to become aware of how our inner environment affects our external life. This awareness will help us to synchronize with the Shift in every area of human life that is taking place right now and start making little changes that will affect your relationships and ability to stay in sync with Earth changes in a very BIG way.

I invite you to spend a few minutes contemplating the questions below. As you are reading these questions, please mark “yes” or “no” for each one of them.

Do you try to convince everyone that they are wrong?

Are you driven by the need to be right?

Are you staying involved in and holding onto relationships, jobs and places that are not good for you?

Are you manufacturing interpretations to avoid telling or facing the truth?

Are you avoiding confrontation or rocking the boat with another person?

Are you experiencing pressure to be able to answer everyone else’s questions?

Are you acting in a hurry and thinking that you can free yourself of the pressure by getting things done faster?

Are you depleting your energy by not knowing when “enough is enough”?

Do you feel enslaved and victimized?

Do you feel a need to prove yourself to others?

Do you have a tendency devalue yourself or your services?

Are you being disappointed by your love life or preoccupied with finding love?

Are you feeling doubtful and indecisive about your direction in life?

Are you trying to attract attention?

Are you anxious about the manifestation of your desires?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, you may benefit from listening to some of my YouTube presentations.

Releasing Emotional Stress

From Longing to Serenity

Trusting Your Inner Guidance

In these short videos I share some recent downloads about why we do what we do and feel what we feel and reveal some unique strategies for stepping into and sustaining your wellbeing, romantic relationships or financial commitments consciously.

We are all born with natural talents and abilities that meant to be your “ticket” into the collective drama we play. As you become aware of the bigger picture, you eliminate resistance and struggle that in turn minimizes painful experiences and assists you in making decisions without relying on outside authorities.

The shift we are experiencing now is teaching you to value yourself, be available to yourself and provide the best you have to offer to others without damaging yourself. Becoming aware of your perfection is the first step in this process.  How can you do this?

Make a commitment to:

  1. Finding 3 little (or big) things that you really appreciate about yourself every morning (even if it is you always taken for grated) and say it to yourself as you are taking shower or washing your face.
  2. Repeat this process in the evening. If you are completely stuck, open a dictionary and look for the words that describe you or your behaviors. If you become critical and cannot find anything you love and appreciate about yourself, make a commitment to change 1 little thing in a way that you can be Ok with this aspect of yourself and cultivate this new change for at least 3 weeks (21 days)
  3. Share something good about yourself with at least 1 person a day. Learn to appreciate yourself in public and educate others about something they can learn from you or benefit from being around you.

Calling your power back and opening yourself to receive all the best that is there for you is the next step in which you embody what you have been learning all your life.

How do you do this? Commit to:

  1. Calling your attention back to yourself every time you start thinking about something or somebody that makes you sad, worry, angry, frustrated. Notice where you are and what is around you. Doing so at least 3 times a day you will unplug from collective anger, frustration and resentment and save your inner power that is used to fight with or defend yourself from your “inner ghosts” .
  2. Cultivating your voice power. Every time you are in a shower, take a breath and send your sound down through the core of your body. When the sound reaches your sacral area, you will gain and learn to maintain the tone and power that will allow you to be heard.
  3. Being truthful. Breathe evenly (4 counts in, 4 counts out) for a few seconds to synchronize your heart and breath before you speak. Tell your partner what YOU feel and what YOU want. You do not need to explain or prove yourself. All you are doing is sharing your truth. Every time you are able to continue breathing evenly as you are communicating your truth in the MOMENT, you gain your power to co-create your experiences the way you desire to experience them

As you recognize, acknowledge and accept yourself, you will also notice the energetic data collected by your body from encounters with people, organizations, and circumstances in your life. This data was “programmed” into your body to remind you to be extra careful, doubt your ideas, and not act on your inner knowing in fear of having pain or rejection you’ve experienced before.

These limiting believes and over-reactions are not you. They are your learned “defensive” strategies and conditioned responses. If all you know is what other people have said about you, you cannot notice your gifts and huge potentials because you just do not know what to look for. Without knowing and appreciating who you are first, you cannot really fully relate to others.  This inner work is about adding joy to every aspect of your life and allowing yourself to be true to yourself while being truthful with others. It has a potential for a great wisdom and understanding of what is yours versus what is “theirs and let go of attachments that keep your energy supporting 1000s of different demand.

Knowing your gifts and talents, loving yourself without any conditions and shifting your attention into being yourself creates a strong foundation for building a successful relationship while being true to your nature, dreams and values.

Mastering Energetics of Love: Who Else Wants to Grow Up?

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

So… You are tired of taking care of everyone’s needs. Or better said, you are tired of not being taken care of. You carry a load of frustrations, disappointments, expectations. You feel like crying, screaming, running away. Anything he says is a trigger. Everything you say is an effort. Is he ever listening? Are you even there to ask?

I was truly shocked this month with the issues my clients brought to the sessions:

  • My sex life sucks. I did not have an orgasm in 20 years and I do not care anymore.
  • Her body is like dead. She does not care. I have to look for someone else, but we have small kids…
  • My marriage is dead. I am dead.  I cannot live like that anymore. I want to feel alive!
  • I told him I do not want another child right now. He betrayed me and ejaculated, but I did not even notice.
  • I love him and I am leaving him. I finally found someone who can give me what I want – normal sex life.
  • She always wants something. She makes me feel small. I do not know how to be a man anymore.

You asked for something new, something different, something big?

At this time the Universe guides you into something bigger then your past experience. Here it is.

Anything that is not in alignment with your big desire is showing up and you are ready to face it.

Does it feel too big to handle?

To scary?

Almost catastrophic?

Take a breath!

The waves are huge, yet you are bigger! You are big enough to ride the waves. And you have permission to be as big as you want. It is time to Grow Up!

As I look into my clients body response to the triggers we identify together, I see the same issues coming to the surface again, and again and again: the issues of not being taken care of, listened to, appreciated and loved in a way that feels personal and connected. As we look into the basis of dissatisfaction and resentment, there is always a trigger that is rooted in the previous experiences of not being taken care of. Our conscious mind is linear. We remember our past and we project the negative outcome we experienced before into the future. Based on this memory and the charge associated with the past event, we create an attraction field that pulls in people and circumstances that help us justify our story, our feelings and our defense strategies again, and again, and again.

When you a not being cared for as a child or satisfied in your needs later on in your relationship, you feel unsecure, unprotected, and unloved. You feel a need to protect yourself, so you create defense mechanisms, behaviors that are based on your need to protect yourself from getting into situation, similar to an event that made you feel unsafe in the past. Then you use your interpretation of the past to justify your emotional charge and behaviors that come with it. The more memories and unresolved trigger points you hold in your consciousness, the bigger your inner army needs to be. This energetic army often becomes both the source of overwhelming outbursts and the source of energetic depletions within the current situations that remind you of the past.

If your physical needs did not get satisfied during the early childhood, you may experience the same issue at the emotional level later on, in your teens or through your first sexual experience. First seven years of your life you are learning how to exist on a material plane and take care of your basic survival needs. You learn to communicate with your parents and caregivers in a way that gives you maximum nurturing with minimum risk. This is the time of creating approaches that will become your major behavior strategies for life. If some of your strategies do not work well, your needs may not be satisfied. This situation creates a time loop that will stay in your life until the need is taken care of and you complete your first learning cycle in the school of life.

If you suppress the need in response to parental unavailability, it will repeat its educational process in the next 7 year cycle that has to do with your emotional development. This time you would need to find your way through the maze of human interactions and moral structures that hold the human puzzle together which adds another story flavor to your desires and needs.  This next level in personal development dictates how you will protect yourself and deal with the situation at hand using emotional manipulation. One may become a needy co-dependent nudging child who’s energetic currency is being invested in attracting attention and love at any cost. One can also become a ”bully” who is constantly attracting negative attention and presence of others in one’s space. One can also feel so lost and abandoned, that he/she may choose the loneliness as a way to create an artificial isolation, succumbing to addiction of feeling sorry for oneself, un-needed and abandoned.

So, what is your role in the relationship you are experiencing?

Are you an orphan that is still feeling lost and unprotected?

Are you a controller, a bully that gets someone’s love and attention even at the expense of the conflict?

Are you a magical child that creates with the Angels and Fairies?

Are you the Light that is projecting its innovative ideas on the screen of reality or are you a jack-o-lantern, projecting creepy images and insecurities onto relationships with others.

If what is unfolding in your life and your relationships is scary or simply is not what you desire, look into how what is happening is similar to what you have been experiencing before. Instead of judging and blaming the other, look at what exactly are you missing and complete this vicious cycle to your satisfaction. Notice when you are asking your partner to be your mother, and a father, and a healer, and a care taker. Notice if you are acting from a little child’s powerlessness and dependency or you speak up your truth from the Love, the certainty and the knowing that you are.  Notice if there is a resentment that is building in both your partner (who may resist playing a paternal figure in your life) and you (who is still missing out on being taken care of.) Once you see the repetitive pattern, you need to complete this unfinished business for yourself in order to move on.

I include a very simple, very practical way to complete your childhood cycles at the end of this article. It will help you take care of each and every one of your unresolved needs and unsatisfied desires experiencing 100% satisfaction if you choose so. Even before you are done with your full list, you will find yourself in state of equilibrium and maturity that was not available to you before. You may notice your inner dialogue changing from blaming, complaining and/or self-criticism to thinking: “ I see where I am and I see where you are. I am Ok with where we are. I do not need to change you in order to be Ok. And I do not need to change myself in order to fulfill anyone’s projections or ideas about me. I love you and I let you be. I love myself enough to let myself be. I know my truth. I respect my truth. I am whole and complete just the way I am.”

The Shift we are experiencing is about stepping up our energy and take responsibility for the patterns that need and want to be transmuted. If you are facing something big today, know that you are BIGGER then anything you are facing and Universe is seeing and recognizing your bigness.

Our ability to create depends on how much we are present to ourselves and others how big we are about asking for what we want and receiving what is given to us with Grace. Focusing unconsciously on unfulfilled childhood needs makes us Conforming, Judgmental, Needy, Lonely, Isolated, Over-reactive, Co-Dependent. It makes us feel Dumb, Fragmented, Lost, Disoriented, Dislocated, Anal, and Disordered. Our relationships become Chaotic, Mediocre, Inauthentic as we grow to be more and more Absent  from our Hectic, Superficial,  Grasping, Flaky existence.

Growing up is about consciously acknowledging your needs and taking responsibility for fulfilling them. It is time to take charge of your creations by accepting your unique role in creative process and choosing co-creators that see and respect your truth. Your Presence is the best gift you can offer to humanity in these amazing times of rapid transformation. It is also the most important parenting goal – to model how to be an authentic presence in your world for your children. Shifting from co-dependency to independency first and then finding your way back together as interdependent, cooperative, wise Beings that are present enough to see perfection in every unfolding moment and transparent enough to communicate their desires. The path out of the misery into authentic relationship is through open recognition and articulation of your needs and understanding how you can support each other while loving and supporting yourself 100%.  This is the only way you can celebrate each other truth and personal growth without any attachment to the story of how this process should be happening because it is happening exactly the way you are creating it together.

Mastering the Energetics of Love starts from finding your younger selves lost in time and bringing them back home to the Love that you are. Make it real. Make it material. Make it yours. Choose to focus this month on shifting from dreaming and hoping into living in the Fairyland where your needs are taken care of and your desires count. Focus on shifting from illusions that create disappointments, bitterness, anger, frustration, and isolation to awareness of your knowing and oneness with creative power. You are the Key to transmuting your personal and family Karma. You can become a role model of what you were always dreaming about and make it happen today.

Homework for Grown-ups

  1. Make a list of what you need, want and strongly desire in your relationship or in life in general. Then go through your list one thing at a time and complete the need or experience in a way that satisfies you 100%.

There will be items on your list that could be simply purchased or easily experienced. Please do it right away. No excuses. No settling. Just go for it!

You’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It is your day and you are allowed. You have been giving, and giving, and giving. It is your time to give it to yourself and know how it feels to receive what you want when you want it.

There may be needs and desires that would take some effort to take care of. No worries! Just remember that your mind is a great tool to create and experience anything you want in the present moment. In fact, your body does not know the difference between the fantasy and reality. This is what some relationships are all about – ignoring the real and living in the fantasy world, hoping it will all change some day. Well, you can change it right now. The experience of having what you want will change you forever.

  1. If you need to talk to someone or create an experience with someone who is not physically present or available, create a special safe comfortable space in your mind. Invite this person to share this space with you for your conversation of experience. Create a mental picture of what you would like to see happen in this interaction. Add as many details as you can to make it real, involving as many senses as you can to feel it happening. Once you have all that you want present and experienced, choose the colors from your quantum experience to integrate this new reality into your inner album.

The colors represent emotional frequencies and your body will benefit from all the colors that may show up in your experience.  You may see them, feel them or just know what colors you may want to choose. Every time the color shows up for you it has a different quality and vibrancy, so this easy format will allow you to download a spectrum of supporting frequencies that are missing in your radiant aura. This in turn will create a new attraction field that is a vibrational match to your desired experiences and the level of fulfillment you are looking for.

  1. Find Simplicity and Quintessence in every Complexity you’ve created in order to feel loved and accepted. Orient yourself to finding what Being YOU means to you.
  2. Create the space and time to experience the truth of your desires and look for making your life bigger and more fulfilling.

You are big, powerful, and you are important. Allow the Freshness, the Innocence, and the Authenticity to be your guardian angels every time you speak. Allow the Exquisiteness of your Presence to anticipate things into existence while being detached from any particular outcome. Celebrate every moment of your process and allow your partners to celebrate theirs.

New Human Energetics – Becoming the Bridge between Heaven and Earth

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

This Solstice energy is incredible. I had to postpone my article for in order to digest and share the download I’ve received through the energetic mail. So here it is, hot from the Angelic press.

The day before Solstice I woke up with an amazing vision. I saw a beautiful crystalline Christ Consciousness grid surrounding our planet and floating its light right into the antennas extending from the planet Earth. When I look closer, I realized that I was seeing myriads of people channeling light and love between the Heaven and Earth, being conduits of energy and information exchange that was happening at that moment. Each person seemed to be radiating, glowing, and expanding. Yet, everyone appeared very connected to the planet and grounded. Then my attention was drawn to the individuals. Looking closer and closer, my awareness expanded into the center of one person’s body. Right at that moment I became aware of the reason for my vision being so magnificent and so radiant.

At the center of each person’s torso I saw a shimmering miniature blue Earth surrounded by Golden Glow of the Soul energy. Every person in this vision had a baby Earth inside their Solar Plexus. It felt like humanity was pregnant with the New Earth. Everyone became a mother-father unity, carrying this child of Unconditional Love.

I experienced a feeling of a strong collective bond growing between the crystalline Grid and the Earth as the waves of excitement and determination that unified everyone involved in this co- creation went through my body.

As I opened my eyes, I felt a huge spin and warmth moving through my 3rd chakra as the download of the bigger picture was continued and I begin to hear the words:
“Honor Thyself as You Honor thy Mother and Father”, Honor Thyself as You Honor Thy Neighbor”, “Honor Your Heart Desires as You Honor Desires of Other”.

As I continued hearing these words, I realized that this download was part of the huge mutation that is taking place right now. Just recently I’ve attended Jim Self’s amazing weekend in Reno. As we were witnessing Archangel Metatron’s and Archangel Michael’s Life Channels, we were given the task to activate and sustain the new chakra system within our physical form. We were asked to become a bridge between 3 dimensional physical world and other realities and dimensions. The Solar Plexus was used as a grounding point for this new Energy System and our awareness of how we impact the world with our relationship to ourselves became even more evident.

The old traditional 7 Chakra System was given to us as a navigational tool, a personal routing system for our Spirit to navigate the physical reality. It meant to provide a practical guidance and help our Soul remain aware of the Energy flow in the density and duality of the 3D world. Being in a small child’s body, vulnerable and exposed to all kinds of dualistic experiences, we learned to defend ourselves by fighting, hiding, escaping, and manipulating people and environments. Our 7 Intuitive Guides on a path of evolution, exploration and compassion mutated into 7 Sacred Layers of Protection. We learned to use them to survive, fight for love and power, feel other people’s emotions, control the outcome and try to explain what is unexplainable. This practice takes us out of alignment with the energy, guidance, and Source. In this short video clip I am sharing the energy and information of this Solstice download because I really want to give you this download personally. I hope this video connection will allow you to enter the stream of consciousness that I am sharing.

The Shift is happening and it is happening now. You can feel it in your every day life, relationships, and opportunities that present themselves as your Life Work. You may be noticing that anything that has no substance or true meaning in your life is falling apart, including your closest relationships. You may even notice how explosive and intolerant you are about something that did not bother you that much before. These states are the signs of the new 5D energy moving through you, looking for the opening in your system while old defense mechanism is trying to scream, run, fight or hide from it.

The Shift we experience is all about changing the way we fuel and run our physical bodies. It is about opening to the 5D sources of energy and information and aligning your physical form with this new fuel. In a way we are getting an upgrade: the old, not working parts of our life are about to experience a major renovation or to go to the junk yard.

The major issues of our misalignment are created by:
1.    Our need to look for love, approval, or need satisfaction outside of ourselves. It makes our relationships look like a battle field as we create a swing between the conflict and its resolution via sex, gifts, or even forgiveness. This old model is based on our need to know that we are loved through analyzing the feeling of others instead of looking into the issue of your self worth.
2.    Our need to have things work our way that creates a lot of emotional turmoil and dissatisfaction. We become addictive to triggers and emotional energy of human drama that is being imprinted, internalized and dealt with using personal defense system formed between ages of 0 and 7 years old. This defense system continues to support our conditioned responses that often undermine our desire to improve our relationships.
3.    Our fear of not being able to survive the intensity of our interactions. We are conditioned to honor others before we honor our own needs and heart desires. Honoring yourself becomes one of the major tasks as the NEW Earth is being born in your Solar Plexus and NEW Human Energetics are grounded within your continuously upgraded physical form.

Learning to communicate clearly from the inner certainty, strength and wisdom will help you share your emotional clarity and peace with others. Talking from the place of deep respect of your own truth create s the openness and helps others to share their truth and process of ascension.

The Solstice energy is the time to plant seeds of your consciousness for the next few months to come. Every connection you make, be it in a marriage, within parent/child interactions, or as romantic or business relation, is a mirror of your inside world.
I invite you to notice if you ever dishonor yourself in order to receive love, fix or protect someone. I also invite you to point your attention toward yourself and look for every opportunity to honor your heart desires and act on your intuitive knowing about what is right for you. The Shift is happening and it is happening in your Solar Plexus! The time to honor yourself as the King and the Queen of your own Universe has come. I invite you to transform the seat of your Soul into a Solar Throne and honor your commitment and creative power to make your relationships with yourself and others work for YOU.

May your Soul Journey be supported and nurtured by this short video clip about my Solstice Vision.

From Love Triangle to Love Trinity

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Each of us is a Divine Mirror of everything that is happening with and around us. Who are you now is being reflected in everything and everyone you touch. How often do you experience self doubt, judgment and other holding you back patterns?

You are a vibrational light in your world. Your family is a playground where you get to play with your own reflections, even if you feel you have to be fighting for your right place within this structure. Every time you feel like a victim, a lonely abandoned child, an unconscious saboteur, you are experiencing some of your unresolved childhood issues that are being reflected in your life game. Making changes in yourself will affect all the players in your game. It will shift your family patterns to support and nurture your Soul Destiny as well as evolutionary journey of each member of your circle no matter how old and wise or how little this member of your family is.

Being a family member, a parent, is an important society function, yet we are not being taught, certified or truly supported in being the best at this crucial job. We are being constantly assigned bigger and bigger roles within our family structures that carry more and more responsibilities. The truth is that we are still babies raising our own babies. Do you feel like your inner child that may never had an opportunity to be fully loved and nurtured is now in charge of supporting other babies, including your children, spouses, co-workers? It is only natural for you to trance back to your childhood moments of lost safety and feel confused with other kids and adults, even your own family members.

Every encounter with another child, be it a child by age or a child by nature, is an opportunity to grow and mature within that will open an opportunity to uplift your relationships and improve your parenting skills.

I know that if you are attracted to my work, posts and articles, you are a person with expanded consciousness who functions fairly well in both 3 dimensional physical world and multidimensional realities. You are seeing beyond the obvious and experiencing shifts in consciousness, predicted for 2012, in every area of your life already. You may be noticing that this shift is becoming more and more experienced through your relationships in general and within your family relationships in particular. You may also be noticing that the need and yearning for honesty, transparency and unconditional love is being amplified and brought to the surface for the past few months even more strongly.

What I am seeing is that every unsustainable pattern that was hidden and barely tolerated before is coming into full light and asking for resolution now. Every client with autoimmune disorder that I am encountering has an unresolved self-destructive pattern connected to feeling un-worthy, unloved, un-needed. Whatever is not being fed within your existing relationships, whatever you are hungry for, is asking for nourishment and this reality cannot be ignored.

In the past this situation was often resolved by having a third person brought into the relationship to satisfy this hunger. This led to creating a traditional “Love triangle” resulting in more complications and disconnection. Today, this traditional structure of finding fulfillment of your desires elsewhere, does not work as well because this pattern is not a truly sustainable pattern. It really destroys everyone in this triangle with low vibrations of guilt, shame, need to hide, need to prove yourself, etc.

The time of old, leaning on each other, co-dependent relationships is over. We are looking for new ways to relate to each other with respect, freedom of choice and unconditional love that is free of obligations and longing. We are looking for ways to co-create joyful experiences, uplift our relationships and experience life fully while staying in committed loving unions that we’ve created in our lives.

Relationship can be looked at as a mundane every day experience (like a 3 meal deal at a mediocre restaurant) or as an opportunity for a true celebration of the sacred union (like experiencing first romantic date while being invited to the king’s feast). After the king’s feast no-one goes home hungry. At the king’s feast you are served the best most exquisite dishes. At the king’s feast you are served, but so is the king. It is a 100% feast for everybody.

How do we get to this place of service and 100% of personal satisfaction?

We need to look at the trinity within each relationship that serves all three entities within this relationship: the King, the Queen and the Relationship itself that is a new co-creation of the two.

How do you co-create and take care of each entity within this relationship?

Here are a few questions that may help you look into your relationships from a more honest perspective and allow you to make a shift so you can feel like a Queen and a King having a relationship feast with many wonderful options to satisfy your hunger available to you!

  1. Every relationship in your life has its purpose and may be expressed through its hunger. Cultivating the ways to fulfill unfulfilled aspects of each relationship starts with honesty and transparency about what is missing for each Being in this triangle:  the King, the Queen and the Relationship. Letting go of the expectations that any one human being or relationship can fulfill all of your needs can help you relate from what is real instead living in the sorrow of what should or could be or a fantasy that creates more sorrows.
  1. Loving fully. Love is not a need. Love is an energy that reminds us about our spirit purpose to return home enriched with experiences of human expression of Love. Love is the energy from Home. It is a state, not an action. We can translate this state into action, but when you truly emanate love, no action is needed. Experiencing this state and emanating it through your energetic field is the biggest gift you can share with others. No words are needed when you are experiencing and experienced as a Unity of Love. The truth of the matter is you cannot emanate something you do not have. You cannot attract something you do not emanate as an attraction field. What is the way out of this vicious circle? Cultivating your inner state of love of your Soul journey, self-appreciation, and self-acceptance. How many flavors of love, states of pure energetic bliss can you experience within?
  1. Feeling fully. Our capacity to feel is huge, yet we live on our childhood understanding of our limited capacity to experience life. It really suffocates our capacity to feel fully in the moment. Can you be truthful about your desires? Can you even tell yourself what exactly do you want and how do you want it in your relationship? If you want to experience what you desire, you need to become clear about that, so you can you communicate this to your partner. Does your Relationship have a voice? Can you allow it to speak for yourself? Are you scared of changes it may bring? Are you mistrusting the wisdom of the Universe that brought you together? Are afraid that you will not be able to handle it?
  1. Riding the wave of your desire without any attachment to the outcome of this experience is the key to expansion and upgrade of all your systems. Can you experience yourself fully with all that you are? Can you be fully present to yourself and be responsive to what shows up from within? Can you really allow yourself to experience the full spectrum of feelings that are created within different relationships that you form without making up a story or going into an uncomfortable feeling about yourself or others? Can you love and appreciate your own fully developed intuitive emotional guidance? Can you BE OK with yourself while riding the wave of every desire you experience without adding any “doing” to this experience?

Working with may clients that come to me for relationship coaching, I can attest that looking into these questions and being completely honest and transparent with yourself is the first step in becoming Love. You will become aware in which ways your inner child is not being taken care of and what soul food is needed in order for him or her to mature and experience relationship as an uplifting and fulfilling. Until then, be grateful for every partner that is committed to be with you long enough for you see your reflections in him or her. This reflection is given to you to help you clear some of the patterns in our image in the mirror, so you can start enjoying every reflection that you see.

You can make a choice of holding old patterns and continue experience your life as is or make a decision to re-birth yourself. Nothing is fixed. The time is not linear. Today can be your starting point of co-creation. Choosing to co-create a positive experience with others in the Now will help you nurture and support the child within and assist you in growing and maturing rapidly and profoundly.

Intimacy and Transparency – Opening the Doors for More Effective Communication

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Everything you experience comes to you as patterns of light and information. Everyone you are interacting with is a complex pattern of light. Being light, you are very sensitive and very open to other lights, their energetic influences, even if you are unaware of what is happening in your energetic interactions with others. No matter how unaware you or your partners are about this dynamic, we read each other energy first, before we hear and try to understand what everyone is talking about. It is an ancient survival strategy. You can try and fool yourself into what is right for you according to your mind, but…Your body never lies and will feel all the fears, resentments or pleasures no matter how well you hide it from yourself and others.

Your vibration affects your environment and influences the effectiveness of your communication with others all the time. Your body emits waves of energy and information that sets a template for people’s behaviors and communication patterns with you. It may be especially vivid in your communication with children.

Do you ever promise something to your child and end up not keeping your word? Do you ever feel one thing and talk or do something that is not congruent with your state? No matter how insignificant this may be for you, this pattern often affects your
child’s ability to trust you or trust his or her inner guidance about you. This type of misalignment eventually affects the integrity of your relationship.

This pattern is also true for adults, but adults have a better way to hide their true feelings and personal agendas. Look at the last month major issues or conflicts that you remember and see, feel and be transparent with yourself about what was a contributing factor or underlying cause in this conflict. Were you and your partner open and intimate about the true nature and hidden unfulfilled need of the interaction while communicating with each other? F you can be true to yourself, it will help you become conscious about choices you make. If you really allow yourself to see what makes you say what you say, you will notice the truth about your relating: either from the fears or your mind or the love and wisdom of your heart.

This month I invite you to think about

  • Your family members core essences. What is your level of intimacy and transparency? Can you interact with them at this level? Can you speak to their Soul from the bottom of your Soul? If not, how it affects your interactions? Is that how you want to experience your relationship?
  • Your energy affects people in your environment. When you allow yourself to relax into your core and be centered on what is true for you, you create a space for deeper, more open conversation. Do you bring your Presence and Light in your relationships or you feel a need to hide and silence yourself with your partner? What part of your belief system makes you frightened and small?
  • Are you aware of your Body Language? Do you know how people around you and especially your children “read” you. This is the language they know well naturally and understand clearly. Use a mirror to talk and observe what a real message in your communication is.
  • Do you carry any guilt and self-doubts? Where do they come from? Who’s voice is running the program of not being good enough, smart enough, efficient enough? How removing these colors from your energetic palette would influence your life? Life of others in your environment?
  • How much Transparency and Intimacy do you allow and attract in your life? Are you creating trust and stability with clear, open, and honest communication or are you avoiding and postponing something that needs to be communicated and taken care of.

Relationships create a place to connect with and empower your inner guidance system and generate an environment that supports your natural state of happiness. They help you become more aware of the shadows and conditioned states that hold you back,
limit your full self-expression and make you feel out of sync. If you look at every interaction as a personal healing session, it will support you in noticing and releasing old unsustainable behavior patterns dictated by the past experiences and creating new more useful and successful strategies and connections.

Behaving like babies we manipulate others into “making us feel better” by succumbing to our worries and controlling demands. If we never grow up by letting go of our resentments, fears and disappointments, we are going to overburden ourselves and others (especially our children) with heavy energetic influences, modeling relationships based on hiding, lying and suppression or dominance and control. Contemplating the questions posted in this article will help you shift your attention from the issues of the past into being fully present to the realities of the now. Embracing what is and becoming emotionally neutral about “what may be” assists in holding the space of Unconditional Love and wisdom in the Now, allowing you and the people around you to entrain with high vibrations, so each of you can find your own evolutionary path.

You are here to support your Soul journey in relationships with other Souls. This article is an invitation to explore your power of intimacy and transparency so you can allow your Spirit to be fully present and supported in its exponential growth. If we really grow up and allow ourselves to be free, happy, curious, open hearted and open minded, our Spirits will be playing our human roles with so much more easiness, grace and integrity.

Learning To Be You Is The Only Lesson That Is Worth Learning

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Are you being sure about yourself, your life, or your relationships these days?

I’d like to share with you these transmissions of Love in hope to bring you a bigger picture of what is really going on behind your labels and challenges. These messages are created to give you some practical tools and insights and to help you experience every relationship as wonderment. I’d like to help you finally relax and let go of the false idea that you need to “fix” anything or anyone outside of yourself in order to experience a love, peace and happiness.

When you are rapidly growing, some little things that never irritated you before show up as big things that create big irritations. This amazing time of rapid transformation brings them right into the spot light for us to accept, embrace, forgive and love the truth of who we are.
How are you showing up for the people around you these days?
Are you certain, powerful, present?
Are you gracious, loving and kind?
Are you understanding, compassionate, synergetic?

Whatever you experience during these days of the deep inner work is reflected in your environment and through your relationships.
Someone does not understand you?
Does not show up for you?
Does not love you enough?

Do you understand, love or show up for yourself 100%?
Do you feel conflicted, confused, lost?
What stops you from being OK?

Conflicts in consciousness are the conflicts between what YOU ARE and what YOU ARE NOT, what you WANT and what you SHOULD be doing. Universal energy of Love, God’s essence within is in infinite equilibrium. It is in a state of infinite renewal with infinite re-organizing power in spite of our fear of change and attempts to control the speed of powerful Shift we are experiencing collectively. Creative power of infinite wisdom is available to us as we focus on our light, gifts and truth, balancing feminine and masculine aspects of our material existence within and through our most difficult and most ecstatic relationships. It is the time to deeply look into our creations and be truthful about them. Are we co-creating a sacred unity of mutual giving or feel lost and separate within co-dependent relationships that we are holding on to in order to fulfill our unfulfilled needs?

Each relationship in your life is a mirror, reflecting the state of union between you and other partners involved in your dance. Being a Lightworker is an experience that attracted you into the God’s spot light. It illuminates every area of your life. It holds a safe unique space for each of us to be open, honest and transparent about our Soul Journey, desires and dreams that may have been stored away for some time now. This is an amazing time for connecting and helping your Soul Group to evolve. It is the time to be OK with who you are.

It is a very potent time for your life force energy that is reflected through your dreams and aspirations to be cultivated and fully expressed, so your family members, friends and partners can experience and be uplifted by the Truth and the Beauty of who you are. It is time to speak up, to create, to wake up to your own strength and beauty. It is time to model how to live in light for those you are connected with in a save, loving and non-threatening way. When they feel that they can be part of your journey, they feel safe and want to support you in staying in your flow, helping you co-create your mutual experiences.

The wave interference between two powerful Spirits that are lacking harmony produces distortion. This vibration ripples through your Matrix, creating inauthentic distorted reflection of your desires. It is time to look at every little bit of distortion in your relationships and realize that everything you see is just a reflection of your own state.
Maybe some of your old relationships and “contracts” do not feel 100% Ok today?
Maybe you are out of balance because you are continuously experiencing charged states produced by unfulfilling relationship that is simply not right for you?
What do you need to feel OK?
What are you willing to pay in order to receive your partner’s approval?

I would like to invite you to look for the Light, Beauty, Truth and Love in each, even the most difficult situation and assist people in knowing how to be 100% Human and 100% Spirit that they are: certain, capable, powerful light, demonstrating the truth, and the beauty of co-creation with grace and unconditional love.

Today’s practical wisdom to contemplate

Learning to Be You is the only lesson that is worth learning.
It is the only key that will unlock your innate ability to be and enjoy life in any given moment. The biggest secret behind the “Secret” is that you have already graduated from this painstaking program called the “School of Life” many life times ago.

You are the only one who knows what is right for you.
Make a decision to notice when you over-ride your knowing and act against your gut feeling. Sometimes you just forget that YOU are a Successful Graduate holding a Master degree in Science of Living Your Own Life. Trust your expertise in the Science of Living your Own Life. Gather your courage and stop being a student… just BE!

You never made a single mistake, just an educational choice.
It is never late to change your mind. You cannot walk in someone else’s shoes, so others cannot live inside your situations and make your decisions.  If something does not work, stop doing it now and say “Oops! It did not work this time. What can I do differently?” And smile! No judgments, please. Re-member who you are and Be the Master that you are. Trust that you can always find your path and bring yourself back, returning home to your amazing perfected Self.

The Truth Barometer – Living Your High Mark

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

You are deeply in the Shift!

How your relationships look like from this depth?

Do you feel safe and content within your home environment?

Are you feeling trapped in your body, in your family, at your work place?

Does it feel like you are being trapped by someone’s perceptions?

Are you being hold back by your own limiting believes?

Are you giving yourself permission to merge with your Soul and experience your Divine Self?

The Shift is not a story in the book anymore. It is happening right now. Its ripping through the fabric of reality affects our systems within and our societal systems. It is a force we cannot ignore because it brings every unsustainable deeply hidden pattern of our life right to the surface. It forces us to be honest and look for the new ways of relating with ourselves and each other. We cannot suppress our inner knowing any longer even if it creates a dramatic change in our relationship. Today our “truth barometer” is high on the mark of how we NEED TO BE in the world, so we can experience the pleasures of ecstatic living, maybe for the first time in our lives.

If you look carefully, you will begin noticing how each person in your life designed to fit perfectly with your lessons and how much flavor they add to your life drama. You may even begin laughing with the Universe that allows you to deepen your awareness through your relationships.

Everything comes from the Source. And I really understand and mean it these days! Our Source is so much closer to us then we ever hoped for. It is the Love, the Truth, the Light and the Beauty within that is the nurturing Source of our co-creation. Every one of our mental, emotional, spiritual states ripple out into all of our realities whether we are aware of them or not. We exist in many more dimensions then we can notice or understand in every single moment. We are creating within all of these dimensions by emanating our desires, our frustrations, our disappointments, and our orgasmic moments into the fabric of this creation. Even if we cool off and forget our angry conversation with our child or spouse, it does manifest a few hours later as a car accident or in loosing a job a few weeks later. We just cannot see this connection most of the time. It is essential for us NOW to take full responsibility for our states.

As we experience low emotional frequencies inside, we entrain others with these frequencies. When we are unhappy with our partners, impatient and upset about something not happening our way, on our terms, we emanate this energy. Our expectations, self-doubts and resentments bring duality, judgment and fear, so our manifestations reflect this duality and give us experience of more and more contrast.

It is a big task to be OK with all there is to explore and experience, especially with yourself. We are big Spirits and our energy has huge resonance in our life and the lives of so many others. It is a big deal to remember that you are a gift, a miracle, a divine expression of Love and Light. It is up to you to make choices that celebrate it every day, appreciating yourself totally, completely and without any conditions.

Relationships are a Spiritual Tool, a litmus paper that helps you see where you are on your path of becoming Light. You are able to reflect more and more light, more and more love and more and Tantric life force energy that is the energy of creation from your Universal Home.

Do you recognize yourself at this level?

Do you know how to apply this energy to uplift every aspect of your life?

How much of your Spirit do you experience in your body? In your life?

As we form our relationship we look for and choose the most appropriate, the most supporting partners on our dance floor. We start the dance looking forward to dancing through life together yet we find ourselves fighting and pushing through most of the days. Why?

Your all knowing Higher Self chooses the closest relationships to be your most potent, most revealing contracts that reflect your deep hidden personal issues…

For example, some people call themselves “people pleasers”.  This way of relating is often a defense strategy created in response to an emotional, mental or physical pain endured while being criticized or shamed. Experienced over a substantial period of time (even for a month or so) this imbalance becomes a second nature. As we internalize our cultural or family’s “dos”, “shoulds” and “do nots”, our body/mind system identifies with external demands and changes our priorities. We start responding to other people’s needs and desires instead of following our own inclinations. Every criticism and every moment we feel we are not living up to other people expectations makes us less confident and certain. It creates a need to please others and prove our self-worth or fight back in order to restore our dignity. As we go through schooling, marriage, and raising our own children, we emanate these lower vibrations of fear, concern, and self-doubt, attracting similar relationship into our life.

Why do we lose our truth in relationships and take on a false identity to please others?

Lacking true, unconditional love and genuine interest in our lives, we constantly look for people that may fulfill our need for inner safety and acceptance. Mistaking this need for a true love, we create all kinds of co-dependent relationships that remind us of our family of origin or reflect our own state of neediness. Even though these relationships keep us unbalanced, unhealthy and unhappy, they provide us with a familiar environment that we already learned to navigate by either being invisible or fighting for our freedom.

Living from this perspective becomes our normal operating mode as we put aside our own needs and stop acting on our innate knowing of what is right for us. Even though our actions may create an illusion of comfort as we avoid criticism and angry interactions, a deep inner resentment and a bottomless un-satisfaction begin to build up. This disrupts our life flow and we start experiencing our relationships as struggle.

Being in relationship is like being a pickle in the jar… Whether you want it or not, you’d be pickled by the brine inside. Long term relationships are just like that. When you stay together long enough, you either learn to enjoy the brine (the chemicals in your body produced during your interactions) or you grow to hate the brine, yet are afraid that you cannot live without it. You become so dependent on the flavor it gives to your life, that you cannot see yourself living without it. As you continue to participate in relating process, you continue producing unpleasant states as these are the only states you learned to know. I call this type of relationship Feeling Good When Feeling Bad.

Do you ever wonder about the phenomenon that on a conversation with a closest friend or a family member about your needs? Even if you start a conversation articulating your request slowly and peacefully, you still end up in the quarrel…  What makes your dialogue escalate in just a few minutes? Why the heat during your conversation rises and your good intentions die in a conflict you did not mean to create? What drives you into the states that are not only unpleasant, but also have long-term implications? What makes you scream and cry while talking to the people you love the most?

The truth is that during these conflicts you may experience the same type of emotional distress that you’ve experienced before in your first relationships with the members of your original family. It satisfies your dependency on the chemicals released within the body while you are feeling lost, unheard or guilty. Behaviors or beliefs that have been modeled by your parents, spouses, or society at large drive you into a conflict-based conversation. Eventually, this type of interaction becomes a norm and this way of being grows to be your own pattern. Your body becomes dependent on the level of stimulation that the conflict energy gives you.

When a traditional medical doctor treats our conditions using prescribed medications such as neuro stimulants and anti-depressants, we receive a chemical that is similar to what we can actually create internally in our own body under certain circumstances. For instance, when people generate situations where there is no way out or they find the way to pick fights regularly, they are looking for pressure, the exhilarating rush that makes them want to continue arguing and finding new hooks to engage their partners. This process helps them get internally stimulated. Even though it is not socially acceptable, nor it is serving the highest good of people involved in the conflict, the fight does help create much-needed stimulant for some people and paradoxically helps them feel better when they are really feeling worse.

The more we allow ourselves to be a part of and co-create this type of environment, the more we become defendant on the energy produced by the conflict we create. This behavior forms a habit to be charged by the energy of an argument. This need carries itself over to other areas of our lives. We subconsciously begin to seek activities and relationships that require additional pressure, struggle, and drama. We become reliant on chemical over-production in our system, and our inner pharmacy starts working over-time to support our need for this “emotional drug”.

Becoming aware of these tendencies is one of the major steps in self-recovery and change that will allow your inner pharmacy to produce more useful chemicals that create higher emotional states (like endorphins).

You have probably experienced something similar in your conversations with you spouse or partner and can recognize the pattern I am describing. The next time you talk, you may notice that urge for conflict that feels like a need to be stimulated or energized. If you do, take a deep breath and stop your drive. Ask if there is a better way to experience a level of stimulation you are looking for. Anything you choose consciously would be better then an unconscious habit you would be able to transform.

Today’s practical wisdom to contemplate:

1. You have never meant to be small, shushed or insignificant. What others think of you is not your business, it is theirs…

Investing your mental, emotional, spiritual energy in someone’s “life accounts” who is not asking you for the investment takes a lot of energy yet brings very insignificant result. This energy is needed to support your business, the business of being YOU.

How would you feel like if you live this week as 100% YOU?

How would it look like if you would not make new investments in someone’s businesses this week?

Take a vacation from everybody’s busyness and invest 100% of your resources in yourself this month.

2. Being sensitive does not mean to be emotionally overwhelmed.

The Solar Plexus area is the emotional center in your body. Solar Plexus is the center of self-acceptance, self-honor, and self –worth. It is a place where you can feel a deep emotional guidance regarding your relationships and situations that are difficult to resolve. We often do not recognize the simple truth of the Solar Plexus: any feeling is just a feeling. We label our emotional experiences and use them as the major driving force in our relationships

I invite you to tune into the sensations of this center and find the unsettled energy stored there. Spend a few minutes looking into this force, supporting yourself in feeling all that is there to feel. Once you allow yourself to feel this energy to the core of all these sensations without the fear of being overwhelmed, you will deeply connect to this inner guide that allows you to really know what is out there by measuring your environment with your emotional barometer. It will provide you with a valuable guidance on how to live a life of connection and love.

3. Your memory stores hundreds of “recorded” childhood hours filed with criticism, blame and shame. It is time to re-program your memory!

I have been blessed with a “download” of Love Energy that became my Love, Loved, Loving meditation. This is an experience of Love that I’ve created while in deep trance communion with the Source. Save it to your computer and experience the love moving through you. Feel it with every bit of your body. It will create a new imprint in your mind and a field of attraction, joy and love that you are.