Learning To Be You Is The Only Lesson That Is Worth Learning

Are you being sure about yourself, your life, or your relationships these days?

I’d like to share with you these transmissions of Love in hope to bring you a bigger picture of what is really going on behind your labels and challenges. These messages are created to give you some practical tools and insights and to help you experience every relationship as wonderment. I’d like to help you finally relax and let go of the false idea that you need to “fix” anything or anyone outside of yourself in order to experience a love, peace and happiness.

When you are rapidly growing, some little things that never irritated you before show up as big things that create big irritations. This amazing time of rapid transformation brings them right into the spot light for us to accept, embrace, forgive and love the truth of who we are.
How are you showing up for the people around you these days?
Are you certain, powerful, present?
Are you gracious, loving and kind?
Are you understanding, compassionate, synergetic?

Whatever you experience during these days of the deep inner work is reflected in your environment and through your relationships.
Someone does not understand you?
Does not show up for you?
Does not love you enough?

Do you understand, love or show up for yourself 100%?
Do you feel conflicted, confused, lost?
What stops you from being OK?

Conflicts in consciousness are the conflicts between what YOU ARE and what YOU ARE NOT, what you WANT and what you SHOULD be doing. Universal energy of Love, God’s essence within is in infinite equilibrium. It is in a state of infinite renewal with infinite re-organizing power in spite of our fear of change and attempts to control the speed of powerful Shift we are experiencing collectively. Creative power of infinite wisdom is available to us as we focus on our light, gifts and truth, balancing feminine and masculine aspects of our material existence within and through our most difficult and most ecstatic relationships. It is the time to deeply look into our creations and be truthful about them. Are we co-creating a sacred unity of mutual giving or feel lost and separate within co-dependent relationships that we are holding on to in order to fulfill our unfulfilled needs?

Each relationship in your life is a mirror, reflecting the state of union between you and other partners involved in your dance. Being a Lightworker is an experience that attracted you into the God’s spot light. It illuminates every area of your life. It holds a safe unique space for each of us to be open, honest and transparent about our Soul Journey, desires and dreams that may have been stored away for some time now. This is an amazing time for connecting and helping your Soul Group to evolve. It is the time to be OK with who you are.

It is a very potent time for your life force energy that is reflected through your dreams and aspirations to be cultivated and fully expressed, so your family members, friends and partners can experience and be uplifted by the Truth and the Beauty of who you are. It is time to speak up, to create, to wake up to your own strength and beauty. It is time to model how to live in light for those you are connected with in a save, loving and non-threatening way. When they feel that they can be part of your journey, they feel safe and want to support you in staying in your flow, helping you co-create your mutual experiences.

The wave interference between two powerful Spirits that are lacking harmony produces distortion. This vibration ripples through your Matrix, creating inauthentic distorted reflection of your desires. It is time to look at every little bit of distortion in your relationships and realize that everything you see is just a reflection of your own state.
Maybe some of your old relationships and “contracts” do not feel 100% Ok today?
Maybe you are out of balance because you are continuously experiencing charged states produced by unfulfilling relationship that is simply not right for you?
What do you need to feel OK?
What are you willing to pay in order to receive your partner’s approval?

I would like to invite you to look for the Light, Beauty, Truth and Love in each, even the most difficult situation and assist people in knowing how to be 100% Human and 100% Spirit that they are: certain, capable, powerful light, demonstrating the truth, and the beauty of co-creation with grace and unconditional love.

Today’s practical wisdom to contemplate

Learning to Be You is the only lesson that is worth learning.
It is the only key that will unlock your innate ability to be and enjoy life in any given moment. The biggest secret behind the “Secret” is that you have already graduated from this painstaking program called the “School of Life” many life times ago.

You are the only one who knows what is right for you.
Make a decision to notice when you over-ride your knowing and act against your gut feeling. Sometimes you just forget that YOU are a Successful Graduate holding a Master degree in Science of Living Your Own Life. Trust your expertise in the Science of Living your Own Life. Gather your courage and stop being a student… just BE!

You never made a single mistake, just an educational choice.
It is never late to change your mind. You cannot walk in someone else’s shoes, so others cannot live inside your situations and make your decisions.  If something does not work, stop doing it now and say “Oops! It did not work this time. What can I do differently?” And smile! No judgments, please. Re-member who you are and Be the Master that you are. Trust that you can always find your path and bring yourself back, returning home to your amazing perfected Self.

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