Intimacy and Transparency – Opening the Doors for More Effective Communication

Everything you experience comes to you as patterns of light and information. Everyone you are interacting with is a complex pattern of light. Being light, you are very sensitive and very open to other lights, their energetic influences, even if you are unaware of what is happening in your energetic interactions with others. No matter how unaware you or your partners are about this dynamic, we read each other energy first, before we hear and try to understand what everyone is talking about. It is an ancient survival strategy. You can try and fool yourself into what is right for you according to your mind, but…Your body never lies and will feel all the fears, resentments or pleasures no matter how well you hide it from yourself and others.

Your vibration affects your environment and influences the effectiveness of your communication with others all the time. Your body emits waves of energy and information that sets a template for people’s behaviors and communication patterns with you. It may be especially vivid in your communication with children.

Do you ever promise something to your child and end up not keeping your word? Do you ever feel one thing and talk or do something that is not congruent with your state? No matter how insignificant this may be for you, this pattern often affects your
child’s ability to trust you or trust his or her inner guidance about you. This type of misalignment eventually affects the integrity of your relationship.

This pattern is also true for adults, but adults have a better way to hide their true feelings and personal agendas. Look at the last month major issues or conflicts that you remember and see, feel and be transparent with yourself about what was a contributing factor or underlying cause in this conflict. Were you and your partner open and intimate about the true nature and hidden unfulfilled need of the interaction while communicating with each other? F you can be true to yourself, it will help you become conscious about choices you make. If you really allow yourself to see what makes you say what you say, you will notice the truth about your relating: either from the fears or your mind or the love and wisdom of your heart.

This month I invite you to think about

  • Your family members core essences. What is your level of intimacy and transparency? Can you interact with them at this level? Can you speak to their Soul from the bottom of your Soul? If not, how it affects your interactions? Is that how you want to experience your relationship?
  • Your energy affects people in your environment. When you allow yourself to relax into your core and be centered on what is true for you, you create a space for deeper, more open conversation. Do you bring your Presence and Light in your relationships or you feel a need to hide and silence yourself with your partner? What part of your belief system makes you frightened and small?
  • Are you aware of your Body Language? Do you know how people around you and especially your children “read” you. This is the language they know well naturally and understand clearly. Use a mirror to talk and observe what a real message in your communication is.
  • Do you carry any guilt and self-doubts? Where do they come from? Who’s voice is running the program of not being good enough, smart enough, efficient enough? How removing these colors from your energetic palette would influence your life? Life of others in your environment?
  • How much Transparency and Intimacy do you allow and attract in your life? Are you creating trust and stability with clear, open, and honest communication or are you avoiding and postponing something that needs to be communicated and taken care of.

Relationships create a place to connect with and empower your inner guidance system and generate an environment that supports your natural state of happiness. They help you become more aware of the shadows and conditioned states that hold you back,
limit your full self-expression and make you feel out of sync. If you look at every interaction as a personal healing session, it will support you in noticing and releasing old unsustainable behavior patterns dictated by the past experiences and creating new more useful and successful strategies and connections.

Behaving like babies we manipulate others into “making us feel better” by succumbing to our worries and controlling demands. If we never grow up by letting go of our resentments, fears and disappointments, we are going to overburden ourselves and others (especially our children) with heavy energetic influences, modeling relationships based on hiding, lying and suppression or dominance and control. Contemplating the questions posted in this article will help you shift your attention from the issues of the past into being fully present to the realities of the now. Embracing what is and becoming emotionally neutral about “what may be” assists in holding the space of Unconditional Love and wisdom in the Now, allowing you and the people around you to entrain with high vibrations, so each of you can find your own evolutionary path.

You are here to support your Soul journey in relationships with other Souls. This article is an invitation to explore your power of intimacy and transparency so you can allow your Spirit to be fully present and supported in its exponential growth. If we really grow up and allow ourselves to be free, happy, curious, open hearted and open minded, our Spirits will be playing our human roles with so much more easiness, grace and integrity.

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