From Love Triangle to Love Trinity

Each of us is a Divine Mirror of everything that is happening with and around us. Who are you now is being reflected in everything and everyone you touch. How often do you experience self doubt, judgment and other holding you back patterns?

You are a vibrational light in your world. Your family is a playground where you get to play with your own reflections, even if you feel you have to be fighting for your right place within this structure. Every time you feel like a victim, a lonely abandoned child, an unconscious saboteur, you are experiencing some of your unresolved childhood issues that are being reflected in your life game. Making changes in yourself will affect all the players in your game. It will shift your family patterns to support and nurture your Soul Destiny as well as evolutionary journey of each member of your circle no matter how old and wise or how little this member of your family is.

Being a family member, a parent, is an important society function, yet we are not being taught, certified or truly supported in being the best at this crucial job. We are being constantly assigned bigger and bigger roles within our family structures that carry more and more responsibilities. The truth is that we are still babies raising our own babies. Do you feel like your inner child that may never had an opportunity to be fully loved and nurtured is now in charge of supporting other babies, including your children, spouses, co-workers? It is only natural for you to trance back to your childhood moments of lost safety and feel confused with other kids and adults, even your own family members.

Every encounter with another child, be it a child by age or a child by nature, is an opportunity to grow and mature within that will open an opportunity to uplift your relationships and improve your parenting skills.

I know that if you are attracted to my work, posts and articles, you are a person with expanded consciousness who functions fairly well in both 3 dimensional physical world and multidimensional realities. You are seeing beyond the obvious and experiencing shifts in consciousness, predicted for 2012, in every area of your life already. You may be noticing that this shift is becoming more and more experienced through your relationships in general and within your family relationships in particular. You may also be noticing that the need and yearning for honesty, transparency and unconditional love is being amplified and brought to the surface for the past few months even more strongly.

What I am seeing is that every unsustainable pattern that was hidden and barely tolerated before is coming into full light and asking for resolution now. Every client with autoimmune disorder that I am encountering has an unresolved self-destructive pattern connected to feeling un-worthy, unloved, un-needed. Whatever is not being fed within your existing relationships, whatever you are hungry for, is asking for nourishment and this reality cannot be ignored.

In the past this situation was often resolved by having a third person brought into the relationship to satisfy this hunger. This led to creating a traditional “Love triangle” resulting in more complications and disconnection. Today, this traditional structure of finding fulfillment of your desires elsewhere, does not work as well because this pattern is not a truly sustainable pattern. It really destroys everyone in this triangle with low vibrations of guilt, shame, need to hide, need to prove yourself, etc.

The time of old, leaning on each other, co-dependent relationships is over. We are looking for new ways to relate to each other with respect, freedom of choice and unconditional love that is free of obligations and longing. We are looking for ways to co-create joyful experiences, uplift our relationships and experience life fully while staying in committed loving unions that we’ve created in our lives.

Relationship can be looked at as a mundane every day experience (like a 3 meal deal at a mediocre restaurant) or as an opportunity for a true celebration of the sacred union (like experiencing first romantic date while being invited to the king’s feast). After the king’s feast no-one goes home hungry. At the king’s feast you are served the best most exquisite dishes. At the king’s feast you are served, but so is the king. It is a 100% feast for everybody.

How do we get to this place of service and 100% of personal satisfaction?

We need to look at the trinity within each relationship that serves all three entities within this relationship: the King, the Queen and the Relationship itself that is a new co-creation of the two.

How do you co-create and take care of each entity within this relationship?

Here are a few questions that may help you look into your relationships from a more honest perspective and allow you to make a shift so you can feel like a Queen and a King having a relationship feast with many wonderful options to satisfy your hunger available to you!

  1. Every relationship in your life has its purpose and may be expressed through its hunger. Cultivating the ways to fulfill unfulfilled aspects of each relationship starts with honesty and transparency about what is missing for each Being in this triangle:  the King, the Queen and the Relationship. Letting go of the expectations that any one human being or relationship can fulfill all of your needs can help you relate from what is real instead living in the sorrow of what should or could be or a fantasy that creates more sorrows.
  1. Loving fully. Love is not a need. Love is an energy that reminds us about our spirit purpose to return home enriched with experiences of human expression of Love. Love is the energy from Home. It is a state, not an action. We can translate this state into action, but when you truly emanate love, no action is needed. Experiencing this state and emanating it through your energetic field is the biggest gift you can share with others. No words are needed when you are experiencing and experienced as a Unity of Love. The truth of the matter is you cannot emanate something you do not have. You cannot attract something you do not emanate as an attraction field. What is the way out of this vicious circle? Cultivating your inner state of love of your Soul journey, self-appreciation, and self-acceptance. How many flavors of love, states of pure energetic bliss can you experience within?
  1. Feeling fully. Our capacity to feel is huge, yet we live on our childhood understanding of our limited capacity to experience life. It really suffocates our capacity to feel fully in the moment. Can you be truthful about your desires? Can you even tell yourself what exactly do you want and how do you want it in your relationship? If you want to experience what you desire, you need to become clear about that, so you can you communicate this to your partner. Does your Relationship have a voice? Can you allow it to speak for yourself? Are you scared of changes it may bring? Are you mistrusting the wisdom of the Universe that brought you together? Are afraid that you will not be able to handle it?
  1. Riding the wave of your desire without any attachment to the outcome of this experience is the key to expansion and upgrade of all your systems. Can you experience yourself fully with all that you are? Can you be fully present to yourself and be responsive to what shows up from within? Can you really allow yourself to experience the full spectrum of feelings that are created within different relationships that you form without making up a story or going into an uncomfortable feeling about yourself or others? Can you love and appreciate your own fully developed intuitive emotional guidance? Can you BE OK with yourself while riding the wave of every desire you experience without adding any “doing” to this experience?

Working with may clients that come to me for relationship coaching, I can attest that looking into these questions and being completely honest and transparent with yourself is the first step in becoming Love. You will become aware in which ways your inner child is not being taken care of and what soul food is needed in order for him or her to mature and experience relationship as an uplifting and fulfilling. Until then, be grateful for every partner that is committed to be with you long enough for you see your reflections in him or her. This reflection is given to you to help you clear some of the patterns in our image in the mirror, so you can start enjoying every reflection that you see.

You can make a choice of holding old patterns and continue experience your life as is or make a decision to re-birth yourself. Nothing is fixed. The time is not linear. Today can be your starting point of co-creation. Choosing to co-create a positive experience with others in the Now will help you nurture and support the child within and assist you in growing and maturing rapidly and profoundly.

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