New Human Energetics – Becoming the Bridge between Heaven and Earth

This Solstice energy is incredible. I had to postpone my article for in order to digest and share the download I’ve received through the energetic mail. So here it is, hot from the Angelic press.

The day before Solstice I woke up with an amazing vision. I saw a beautiful crystalline Christ Consciousness grid surrounding our planet and floating its light right into the antennas extending from the planet Earth. When I look closer, I realized that I was seeing myriads of people channeling light and love between the Heaven and Earth, being conduits of energy and information exchange that was happening at that moment. Each person seemed to be radiating, glowing, and expanding. Yet, everyone appeared very connected to the planet and grounded. Then my attention was drawn to the individuals. Looking closer and closer, my awareness expanded into the center of one person’s body. Right at that moment I became aware of the reason for my vision being so magnificent and so radiant.

At the center of each person’s torso I saw a shimmering miniature blue Earth surrounded by Golden Glow of the Soul energy. Every person in this vision had a baby Earth inside their Solar Plexus. It felt like humanity was pregnant with the New Earth. Everyone became a mother-father unity, carrying this child of Unconditional Love.

I experienced a feeling of a strong collective bond growing between the crystalline Grid and the Earth as the waves of excitement and determination that unified everyone involved in this co- creation went through my body.

As I opened my eyes, I felt a huge spin and warmth moving through my 3rd chakra as the download of the bigger picture was continued and I begin to hear the words:
“Honor Thyself as You Honor thy Mother and Father”, Honor Thyself as You Honor Thy Neighbor”, “Honor Your Heart Desires as You Honor Desires of Other”.

As I continued hearing these words, I realized that this download was part of the huge mutation that is taking place right now. Just recently I’ve attended Jim Self’s amazing weekend in Reno. As we were witnessing Archangel Metatron’s and Archangel Michael’s Life Channels, we were given the task to activate and sustain the new chakra system within our physical form. We were asked to become a bridge between 3 dimensional physical world and other realities and dimensions. The Solar Plexus was used as a grounding point for this new Energy System and our awareness of how we impact the world with our relationship to ourselves became even more evident.

The old traditional 7 Chakra System was given to us as a navigational tool, a personal routing system for our Spirit to navigate the physical reality. It meant to provide a practical guidance and help our Soul remain aware of the Energy flow in the density and duality of the 3D world. Being in a small child’s body, vulnerable and exposed to all kinds of dualistic experiences, we learned to defend ourselves by fighting, hiding, escaping, and manipulating people and environments. Our 7 Intuitive Guides on a path of evolution, exploration and compassion mutated into 7 Sacred Layers of Protection. We learned to use them to survive, fight for love and power, feel other people’s emotions, control the outcome and try to explain what is unexplainable. This practice takes us out of alignment with the energy, guidance, and Source. In this short video clip I am sharing the energy and information of this Solstice download because I really want to give you this download personally. I hope this video connection will allow you to enter the stream of consciousness that I am sharing.

The Shift is happening and it is happening now. You can feel it in your every day life, relationships, and opportunities that present themselves as your Life Work. You may be noticing that anything that has no substance or true meaning in your life is falling apart, including your closest relationships. You may even notice how explosive and intolerant you are about something that did not bother you that much before. These states are the signs of the new 5D energy moving through you, looking for the opening in your system while old defense mechanism is trying to scream, run, fight or hide from it.

The Shift we experience is all about changing the way we fuel and run our physical bodies. It is about opening to the 5D sources of energy and information and aligning your physical form with this new fuel. In a way we are getting an upgrade: the old, not working parts of our life are about to experience a major renovation or to go to the junk yard.

The major issues of our misalignment are created by:
1.    Our need to look for love, approval, or need satisfaction outside of ourselves. It makes our relationships look like a battle field as we create a swing between the conflict and its resolution via sex, gifts, or even forgiveness. This old model is based on our need to know that we are loved through analyzing the feeling of others instead of looking into the issue of your self worth.
2.    Our need to have things work our way that creates a lot of emotional turmoil and dissatisfaction. We become addictive to triggers and emotional energy of human drama that is being imprinted, internalized and dealt with using personal defense system formed between ages of 0 and 7 years old. This defense system continues to support our conditioned responses that often undermine our desire to improve our relationships.
3.    Our fear of not being able to survive the intensity of our interactions. We are conditioned to honor others before we honor our own needs and heart desires. Honoring yourself becomes one of the major tasks as the NEW Earth is being born in your Solar Plexus and NEW Human Energetics are grounded within your continuously upgraded physical form.

Learning to communicate clearly from the inner certainty, strength and wisdom will help you share your emotional clarity and peace with others. Talking from the place of deep respect of your own truth create s the openness and helps others to share their truth and process of ascension.

The Solstice energy is the time to plant seeds of your consciousness for the next few months to come. Every connection you make, be it in a marriage, within parent/child interactions, or as romantic or business relation, is a mirror of your inside world.
I invite you to notice if you ever dishonor yourself in order to receive love, fix or protect someone. I also invite you to point your attention toward yourself and look for every opportunity to honor your heart desires and act on your intuitive knowing about what is right for you. The Shift is happening and it is happening in your Solar Plexus! The time to honor yourself as the King and the Queen of your own Universe has come. I invite you to transform the seat of your Soul into a Solar Throne and honor your commitment and creative power to make your relationships with yourself and others work for YOU.

May your Soul Journey be supported and nurtured by this short video clip about my Solstice Vision.

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