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5 Elements

FREE Five Elements Test and Consultation

5 Elements are represented in your body, career and relationships. They energize your health, love life and professional endeavors. Without balance you feel stressed, tired and frustrated. Completing 5 Elements test will help you understand where and why you are not fully balanced and how to shift into being more balanced, joyful and successful in life. Take Five Element Personality Assessment Test to establish your baseline is at this moment and call me at 847 414 3730 for a FREE consultation about your test results.

Free 5 Elements Balance Test

FREE Weight Loss and Detox Consultation

Everyone has unique needs, desires and preferences. That’s why I’ve developed a special Wellness Coaching Program that incorporates many years of research and study in the filed of Wellness and Anti-Aging. This complete system gives you several different options that fit your life style and budget for you to choose from. Whether you’re an athlete looking for more energy and stamina to achieve your goals or just looking to lose weight and feel lighter and younger, this coaching, movement and nutritional cleanse system has you covered. Call me for your FREE personal weight loss consultation about nutritional cleansing, and healing at every level.

Chakra Readings

FREE Self-Esteem Test

Low emotional states like guilt, worry, shame, disappointment, anger and resentment energies impact your health, work and love life, creating struggle, financial lack and conflicts. Take a FREE test to see how you really feel about yourself and call me for your FREE The Law of Attraction consultation to help you let go of what makes you feel miserable and shift into enthusiasm and self-confidence.

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Reading: Free Introduction

Life Purpose Introductory Consultation

Uncover the true purpose of your life,  hidden codes in your genes and evolutionary forces in your family history.  Understand what fuels your attraction filed and let go of the repeating lessons of your life.  Ask questions and receive insights and clarity that you cannot get from your friends.


Crystal Mandala Reading

FREE Healing Crystals Consultation

There is a strong connection between your life and the crystals and stones in your jewelry box. Using the power of Earth and Cosmos helps you sustain your health and amplify your daily manifestations. Each Crystal Temple has a specific meaning and function. It is highly beneficial to place the real stones and crystals in your environment. This consultation helps determine which stones you could choose for your work, home or healing.

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Svetlana Pritzker Svetlana Pritzker, M. Ed. is an author and a spiritual teacher who supports people in living life that matches their dreams and responsibilities.


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