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From Being a Baby to Raising a Baby – The Freedom to Be Present

Every one of us had a moment when we felt something that made us believe that we were small, unsafe and unworthy. These moments were encoded in our cells to remind us about these unfortunate events and protect us from future occurrences. Regrettably, these state based decisions of the past still affect us in the present, making us vulnerable to our own stories that we use to defend our loneliness, isolation or aggression. When we meet our partners, these memories prevent us from trusting and enjoying fully our love and connection. When we become parents, these unresolved fears and pains create worries and anxieties in our relationship with the kids. Our expression of Love becomes a projection of these fears and worries on our children, suffocating them from growing, experiencing freedom of choice and experimenting with their own ability to explore world by feeling.

If we never grow up by letting go of our childhood sadness, fears and disappointments, we overburden our children with these energetic influences. Behaving like babies we manipulate our children into “making us feel better” by succumbing to our worries and controlling demands. When the issues of the past are resolved, we can stay fully present and emotionally neutral, holding the space of Unconditional Love and wisdom, allowing our children and spouses to entrain with these higher vibrations and find their own evolutionary that supports their Soul journey.

Trauma does not have to be very serious in order to leave a serious memory mark. For some people mom’s absence while the baby is scared of something in the room is enough to feel the fear of abandonment and lost sense of safety for their entire life. Look at this video It talks about past/parallel life memory that was stored in a cellular structure of the current body creating distortion in the current life time that did not have any understandable cause in the person’s conscious memory.

We are not linear beings. Our body is pinnacle of creation, an instrument of accessing collective and personal memories from all time/space continuum, all energy forms, and all dimensions. The good news is that we can access this vast Matrix of light and information instantly affect and re-frame the past in a way that supports us.  It can be done without going through the conversations about how the trauma occurred again and again as often happens in traditional therapy. I love seeing people shaking their life long terrors and “disorders” within a very short time, often within 10- 15 minutes or so. That makes me so happy!

An expedient process of simultaneous assessing the energy of the stored events and re-framing them with more useful inner pictures assists in releasing negatively encoded memories and pain from the cells and fields of your body without affecting historical memory. Resolving pain of old traumas, negative thoughts, and un-serving beliefs helps eliminate discomfort connected to worries and fears (like public speaking, flying, heights, etc.)  It helps canceling self-doubts and self-sabotage and create happiness and prosperity using your unique genetic talents. I love this work and I am blessed with being able to help parents install and activate new energetic templates with Matrix Energetics tools and share their personalized Gene Keys to re-write old stories, opening new windows of unlimited possibilities.

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