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New Human Energetics – The Alchemy of Being You

New Human Energetics is a system of  intuitive approach, vibrational healing through sound, light and movement, incorporating Matrix Energetics expansion, Genetic Code activation, 5 Element balancing and Bio-Feedback training. It supports you in letting go of self-depleting habits and generating wellness, enthusiasm, and courage to live your dreams. Each experience gives you:

  • Heightened awareness, high energy with tingling, warmth and spontaneous release of muscle tension
  • Improvement of various physical conditions, decrease of pain and other symptoms
  • Sense of increased self-worth, creativity and  well-being, positive changes in every area of your life

Lana gives fully and unconditionally and she gives more than one can imagine and ask for. The world needs to hear more from practitioners like Lana, who helps people realize their fullest potential and overcome anything that comes their way…

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How to Attract and Manifest

Self-Esteem, Emotional Balance and The Law of Attraction

Your energy field is a powerful antenna that attracts what happens in your life. Low emotional states like guilt, worry, shame, disappointment, anger, etc. stop you from directing your energy into pursuing your dreams and get you into all kinds of troubles. Seeing yourself as powerless, needy and uncertain comes from the past, but this energy impacts your decisions and actions today. It creates vibrations that generate struggles, financial lack and problems in relationships. The Law of Attraction sessions help you realize and let go of what holds you back and direct your Life Force to support your truth and intentions.

Self-Esteem Test ->

5 Elements

5 Elements of Success – Your Life’s Joy Is In Your Hands

Balancing the  Five Elements within and understanding how your balance impacts your relationships, can amplify your influence and success of directing your physical, emotional and intellectual energies into creating your life.

According to ancient Chinese Tao, the element of Wood corresponds to the liver, tendons and eyes and feelings of certainty or anger. Fire is an element of the heart, blood vessels and tongue and feelings of love and rejection. Earth is connected to the spleen, flesh and month and feelings of sympathy and compassion or co-dependency. Metal regulates the energy of the lungs, skin, hair and nose and feelings of sadness or excellence. Water is an element of kidneys, bones and ears and feelings of fear or courage.

Using colors, emotions, tastes, sounds and selection of healing products and technologies, will help you transform your life by bringing each element into full coherence.

Are you balanced? – Take 5 Element Balance Test ->


Trauma and Chronic Pain Resolution

Holographic Memory Resolution™ is an expedient process that helps access and eliminate the root causes of pain, anxiety, addictions, discomfort during public speaking, fear of heights and flying, etc. Simple and effective, HMR sessions area great supplement for any traditional medical treatments you may be receiving. People who experienced these sessions reported a deep sense of inner harmony, profound emotional and physical healing, improvement in relationships, and positive changes in their careers.


Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics Sessions

Matrix Energetics™ sessions are magical and effective at creating positive change within many layers of your existence simultaneously. They help awaken your ability to experience and transform energy and matter of your life, generate vibrant health and attract extraordinary relationships into your life. Schedule your personal Matrix Energetics session or sign up to attend our Matrix Energetics Chicago Study Groups for ME seminar participants and Sound Healing Sessions for anyone who wishes to experience and explore Energy Wizardry.


Addictions, Anxiety, Allergy Sessions – Upgrade and Balance Your Energy

WaveMaker™ is one of the best tools in my practitioner’s box. It picks up and processes the ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations of everything in the body to either invert them to cancel out unwanted resonances or amplify them to strengthen desirable frequencies. As I find the hidden dis-ease patterns, I use WM to delete the energy of self-destruction, emotional stress, toxins, pathogens, drug residues, allergy reactivity, smoking addiction, etc. Then I increase vibrations of positive emotions, amplify your genetic talents and strengthen the power of your cells, organs, glands and systems.


Healing ADD Video

Drug-Less Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Sessions

Today’s kids do not fit within old traditional boxes. Misdiagnosed, misunderstood and labeled with ADD, ADHD, they feel guilty, angry and rebellious. ADD/ADHD treatment neutralizes under-working or hyperactive tendencies of your brain, stimulate appropriate function of your nervous system, and helps you dissolve overwhelming emotions of shame, guilt and frustration accumulated in your organs. It balances your mind/body connection and gives you clarity and perspective about what you want to create in your life. Both children and adults report huge changes in productivity , completion success and feeling more peaceful, focused and happy.

Egyptian Healing Rods

Egyptian Healing Rods, Crystals and Copper Pyramids

Egyptian Healing Rods, the “Wands of Horus”, channel unseen energy that is documented to effectively stimulate the endocrine, immune and nervous systems, promote healing of various diseases and abnormalities, harmonize the yin/yang energies of the body, strengthen vital life force, open energy meridians and balance the chakras, expand energy awareness, psychic abilities and energetic powers, enhances manifestation and elevates consciousness. Egyptian Healing Rods restore mutual understanding, harmonize relationship energies and strengthen family ties.

Experience the power of Healing Rods an/or Copper “Great” Pyramid for FREE and ask how to purchase your own set with 10% discount (personal training and manual are included). Use them to clear, heal and uplift your home, family (including children) or career situations.


How to Amplify Your Positive Frequencies

Look Great at Any Age – Vitality, Self-Image, Weight Management

During these body centered, client-centered coaching sessions you will learn to understand and use your body communication for healing,  change your breathing, movement and speech patterns to improve your self- perception and create an self-image you desire.  These sessions are a great supplement to any current healing programs you work with and are design to amplify any treatments that you are already receiving.

  • Master Ten Secrets of Lifelong Vitality
  • Reduce stress, improve health and inner efficiency and use what you learned to consistently feel better.
  • Enhance your natural beauty and genius with Bio-Feedback training, magnetics and infra-red technologies
  • Initiate Healthy Conception, easy Child Birth and worry free Parenting
  • Let Go of Extra Weight without struggle or hunger

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Svetlana Pritzker Svetlana Pritzker, M. Ed. is an author and a spiritual teacher who supports people in living life that matches their dreams and responsibilities.


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