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Pain and Trama Resolution

Each painful experience creates a memory that has its own sensory signature expressed in the physical body as a metaphor. These experiences are encoded in the specific areas of the body (usually with uncomfortable sensations). When you are triggered to re-visit a “frozen”, stuck in time moment, you may experience tensions, butterflies, pressures, lumps, etc. These sensory perceptions may look like dark colors, foggy clouds and geometrical shapes, indicating and representing memories of different overwhelming moments.

What is Holographic Memory Resolution™?

HMR is an empowering and effective process that allows an expedient access and release otherwise hidden memories and conflicting perceptions the past.  HMR teaches you how to access your own light (aka consciousness), illuminate and resolve such sensory and/or visual sensations.

Using both a verbal component and an energetic nervous system support enhances sensory access and provides safety while facilitating a resolution of the somatic memory and eliminating future re-calls pain, re-lapses. “Reframing” or correcting those moments in your perceptions using unique colors of missing emotional frequencies allows subconscious mind to receive a safety signal and complete the incomplete, paused experience of the past affecting your present moment.

What is “encoding?”

Encoding is the process of locking a “negative” or incomplete emotional charge in the cells and fields of our bodies at the moment of a trauma. Painful experiences in our lives precipitate an “encoding” of the overwhelming feelings, resulting in the storage of trauma. In a single milli-second of time, all the elements of the event are captured: all of the sensory data, feelings, and perceptions of the overwhelming experience. We hypnotized ourselves at the time we were overwhelmed; HMR de-hypnotizes and releases that trance state.

How can HMR help you?

Trauma precipitates a spontaneous state of self-hypnosis that binds us to the emotional pain of an event. Since most of our emotional and physical pain is memory based, HMR can help to release those charges and as a result, the pain goes away. Essentially any physical or emotional discomfort that is memory based—that is to say, any event triggered in present time that resurrects the emotional state of a past event. Physical conditions as well as everyday occurrences such as smoking, weight gain (food is our earliest and easiest form of medication), PMS, grief, sadness, fears —anything that keeps you from being all you can be.

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