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Parenting Program

This program will help you understand your child; improve his/her focus in learning and communication skills and feel confident about your decision. You will learn how to be heard, receive positive response and support your child’s best interests even when under pressure.

  • Step 1. What Are My Hot Buttons? Identify and release relationship dynamics that limit your happiness and ability to be a peaceful effective parent
  • Step 2: My Child is My Divine Mirror? Find out what is your unique place in his/her life and what gifts do you bring into this relationship. Discover your child type, talents and strategy for successful communication. Understand your child and build co-operation and mutual respect
  • Step 3: What Is His/Her Magic? Understand archetypes in your family and unique purpose behind every relationship that affects your family balance. Create affinity, mutual respect and intimate connection with your children, family members, and partners
  • Step 4. Peace of Mind, Productivity and Focus – Understand your child’s unique talents and disruptive patterns that limit his/her productivity and focus. Re-pattern your child’s habitual behaviors and apply new models to improve his/her attention and work efficiency
  • Step 5. (Optional) Siblings Puzzles: Discover hidden love/hate patterns between your children and resolve / prevent conflicts and hurts with ease and confidence. Learn to stay certain, centered and in your power regardless of family turmoils and influences
  • Step 6. (Optional) My Child’s Genius – Find out what your child’s talents and traits are, so you can support him/her in developing their qualities and choosing the best activities, hobbies and careers for themselves

This is a 4 Step Coaching Program. It includes a combination of 4 child’s/parent counseling and healing sessions and e-mail support.

Investment in yourself and your child’s wellness: $ 600

Steps 5 and 6 are optional and give you a deeper understanding and additional information for being the best at your parenting job.

Investment in yourself and your child’s wellness: $ 300

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