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Rods and Pyramids

Egyptian Healing Rods – Amplify Your Longevity, Vitality and Intuition

In an age when ordinary men and women lived around 40 years, Pharaoh Ramses II lived to be 90 and Pharaoh Pepy II lived to be around 94 years old. What was their secret to health, vitality and longevity? Could it be connected with their power and reputation as gods? Could knowing their secret benefit you today?
Egyptian Healing Rods
Notice the Egyptian Healing Rods in the hands of the Egyptian figures. Sometimes referred to as the “Wands of Horus”, these rods channel unseen energy that balances the chakras, promotes healing, and enhances psychic power. This ancient Egyptian technology helped me and many of my clients to:

  • Stimulate the endocrine, immune and nervous systems…
  • Promote healing of various diseases and abnormalities…
  • Harmonize the yin/yang energies of the body…
  • Strengthen vital life force…
  • Open energy meridians and balance the chakras…
  • Expand energy awareness, manifestation ease and consciousness

In the time of the ancients, Rods were considered sacred: only the royalty could handle them and only the priests knew the secret to their construction. A certain death sentence came to any uninitiated soul caught using or possessing these rods. For many centuries, their secret was lost to but a few initiates of a little-known order. But thanks to Cont Walewski, a New York antiquities dealer, the secret of the healing rods was discovered and revealed to the world, so the rods became available to those who feel a strong resonance with their mysterious yet well documented powers.

You can order your own Set or experience this magical ancient tool during your personal session using my Star Consciousness rods. Contact for purchase

The Rods come in several different types and configurations, each with a different “energy signature” and intensity. The right one for you will depend on your particular health issues, goals, and experience in working with subtle energy. As you develop energetically, you can shift to a more powerful set of Rods. If you feel a resonance with this tool, I am happy to work with you as well as help you chose the best rods for you. I also offer an initiation ceremony to help you connect effectively with this energy.

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  • Rods-Kont have a grounding and relaxing energy. They are an excellent choice for those who are new to energy work because they gently open the bio-field for greater expansion. The Rods-Kont fortify your energy body.
    Rods-Free Flow quickly balance Yin/Yang energies, are used for grounding and Mental Clarity. Ideal for correcting Yin or Yang energy imbalances
  • Quartz 2 rods are reported to gently enhance well-being
  • Quartz 3 rods offer a higher amplitude of the Quartz energy. These Rods have more crystal content
  • Rods-Crystal stimulate mental and psychic energy, enhancing meditation and mental clarity. These high frequency rods quickly open all the chakras, stimulate circulation of vital energy, and are reported to amplify intentions. Rods-Crystal are an excellent choice for those who are accustomed to giving or receiving energy work
  • Rods-Crystal 2 have larger crystal points inside offering a higher amplitude than the Rods Crystal. Ideal for group work, visioning and manifestation
  • The Star Consciousness rods instantly connect you with multi-dimensional energy. They are best suited for experienced energy workers and seasoned travelers

Great Pyramid and Healing Effects of The Sacred Geometry

Egyptian Copper Pyramid in my office is constructed using the very same sacred geometry found in the great pyramid of Giza which sacred proportions are related to a perfect sphere, and are referred to as the “golden mean”. Scientists have found that this sacred geometry is crucial to properly channeling the torsion fields. When you enter the mini- Great Pyramid Structure and hold the Egyptian Rods, you can feel the channeled energy flowing through your body, activating your life force energy.

Modern discoveries show that the builders of the ancient pyramid at Giza knew more than we thought. There is a theory that the great pyramid at Giza functioned as some sort of power plant. There is a mythology that it had the power to turn men into gods. Today’s scientists are documenting that anything left inside a pyramid of the right proportions and orientation becomes more perfect, pure, and healthy.

The Rods I use charged with the sacred power of a 72-foot pyramid. Because they are infused with the energy of the pyramid, the crystalline structure of its materials becomes more aligned and perfect—allowing for greater resonance and amplification of subtle energies. Experience the ancient power of Sacred Geometry in my office in a session with my rods inside my replica of the Great pyramid (5 ft tall structure).

Facts and Experiments

Alexander Golod, the Russian scientist, who conducted a series of experiments with this pyramid, has observed that :

The effect of the Pyramid on a field structure of any object, regardless of whether it is mineral, solution, organic substance or living creature, causes serious changes within this structure. Such structures seem to be put in order, to become more optimal and harmonic.

Golod built a series of pyramids on the Ishimbai Oil Field in Russia. Within these pyramids:

Water remained unfrozen even at -6° F! If a bottle were shaken, it would immediately turn into a block of ice.

Over 20 different varieties of agricultural seeds were kept in the pyramid for 1 to 5 days before planting. Seeds increased their yield up to 100%.
Oil field produced better, cleaner oil with increased yields up to 30%.

These results were confirmed by the Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.

  • Experiments and studies by other scientists have determined that pyramids:
    Fight Viruses: When a naturally occurring antiviral compound, venoglubulin (which is found in humans) was stored inside a pyramid, it became 3 times more effective at fighting viruses. (Ivanovskii R&D Institute of Virology within the Russian Academy of Medical Science.)
  • Give Water Healing Properties: Administering 1 milliliter of pyramid-charged water to 20 different prematurely born infants with compromised immune systems improved their health to practically normal levels. (Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.)
  • Heal Diseases: An experimental and a control group of white underbred mice were both given the deadly virus S. typhimurium in equal amounts over the course of one day. Only 7% of the mice outside of the pyramid (the control group) survived. Inside the pyramid: an astonishing 60% survival rate. (Dr. N.B. Egorova at the Mechnikov R&D Institute within the Russian Academy of Medical Science.)
  • Reduce Violent Earthquakes: The Russian National Academy of Sciences studied earthquake data from areas surrounding pyramids, and discovered that there were hundreds of tiny earthquakes instead of one severe one—as if the pyramid were slowly dissipating the energy buildup of tectonic forces
  • Reduce Severe Weather: In the same study as above, the Academy also found there was a significant decrease in severe weather patterns in the area surrounding the pyramids.
  • Extinct species return: at Seliger Lake in Russia, new streams appeared in the area of its 22-meter pyramid. A stork set up a nest nearby, and nearby fields became covered with previously extinct species of flowers.

The investigation of different types of the Rods did show that the Rods, when contacting the human hands, cause a flow of high frequency energy, affecting a person’s bio-field. As a result of this influence, a bio-field purification from foreign field inclusions takes place, as well as purification of energy channels. The efficiency of chakras’ functioning, size of the person’s bio-field and energy of human’s physical body increase also

Prof. E. Zimin, Shaping College

When any pathologies are detected we observe a thermal asymmetry between the ill and healthy parts of the body. Held in hands, the Rods equalize this thermal asymmetry, thus showing their therapeutic effect

Dr. M.A. Nikulin, senior researcher
Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute of St. Petersburg

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