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The Alchemy of Pleasure: How to transform pain and suffering into happiness and delight

Just recently I’ve conducted a workshop during which we have been exploring aspects of personal alchemy. We’ve experimented with ways to transform the led within our life into the gold of loving relationships, connection to our inherent nature and expansion of consciousness. Today I would like to share my findings about the mystery of personal Alchemy and how to apply your innate abilities to transform the energy of struggle and frustration into the energy of pleasure and intimate relating in your life.

I absolutely love the slogan on Jim Self’s website: “Alchemy is the ability to transform one possibility into another.” Fortunately, we all are true alchemists whether we consciously know about it or not. Moving through the day, taking care of yourself or your family members, having a relationship… All these tasks require a high level of alchemical mastery. Without consciously thinking about your alchemical qualities you are constantly transforming one possibility into another.

Just remember:

How many times you transformed a conflict into a peaceful resolution?

How many times you uplifted someone from being in despair into the state of hope?

How many times you transmuted suffering by shifting your relationship onto neutrality or pleasure?

Often my clients say that they experience non-appreciation, non-recognition, and dis-honoring of their spirit by others. Let’s be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that there is something that makes you feel the worst. Let’s explore how you can become effective and masterful in the areas that still create disharmony in your life.

Do you experience any luck of appreciation in your life and within your relationships?

Are you appreciating, recognizing, and honoring your spirit?

Are you modeling this appreciation to others?

How many times your conversation with family members end up with accusations and criticism instead of appreciation, recognition, and honoring? If you live with someone who is not worth your appreciation, recognition, and honoring, you may want to ask yourself: why am I still together with this person?

Sometimes we just forget how to share our appreciation, recognition, and honoring with each other. If you are missing such soul connection, I recommend you to have an appreciation talk using simple ideas below:

1. Create a list of qualities that you appreciate in yourself. Read it out loud and with passion to yourself. Sense how each quality feels in your body and notice how your spirit is smiling within.

2. Ask your spouse, partner/child to create a list of qualities they appreciate in themselves. Ask them to create as big of a list as they can.

3. After a good meal (not instead of before it!) have a conversation about your mutual qualities. Simply ask your partner to listen to you sharing what you appreciate in yourself . Ask him or her to simply listen without commenting on it as it will allow them to get to know you from a new perspective. Notice how you feel during and after this conversation.

4. Do the same for your partner (even if it is your child). Notice how their face changes as they share their view of themselves. See their Presence coming alive in front of your eyes.

If you feel you’d rather talk to someone more neutral then your spouse, ask a friend to share your mutual appreciation. Even though this seems to be a simple exercise, having this conversation will create a profound awareness in how you feel about yourself and each other. You will experience an amazing feeling of being seen by yourself and people you are close with. This validation will create an energetic wave within your personal Universe affecting every relationship you create.

The Law of Attraction acts through you all the time. You are an attraction point for every experience, every relationship in your life. From the Soul perspective, you are never wrong in your decisions or actions. Every event or relation you are experiencing fits perfectly within your personal Earth Drama script. The more frustrating and painful your relationships are, the more awaken and sensitive you become. This helps you recognize when and why your Spirit is gone and raises your awareness about how to make your Spirit dwell in your body. You begin noticing when you feel suffocated and when you feel exhilarated. You start looking for uplifting, loving, supporting experiences and you start asking soul level questions:

What am I about?

Where is my place in the human evolution?

What can I do to help higher consciousness descend fully into my physical form?

There are 6 major patterns of suffering that are present, at least to some extend, in every relationship:

1. Repression
2. Denial
3. Shame
4. Rejection
5. Guilt
6. Separation

These archetypal behaviors create lower vibrational states of fear, anger, resentment and suffering that are based on dishonoring your feelings and suppressing your truth in order to be loved. When we repress our feelings, deny our needs, or become ashamed of ourselves (and people that we love), we lose part of our spirit in a process. When we reject someone, feel guilty of something, experience ourselves as separate/abandoned, we enter (and often get stuck) in emotional states that are way below our natural enthusiasm and interest in life. This creates energetic stagnation of unsatisfied desires and patterns of mental, emotional, and physical suffering.

Do you want to transform the pain of the unconscious nightmare into pleasure of fully awaken consciousness?

Awakening begins with answering your own healing questions:

How can I stop repressing my heart feelings?

What would make me trust that my Soul journey is directed by Divine Will and the challenges I am experiencing are never bigger than what I can overcome and learn from? How can I hear Divine Will that is talking to me through my family members. What can help me remember that I am old enough now and it is safe to take a breath of life and take charge of my life.

How can I stop my own denial? How can I start listening to what my body is telling me and act on my intuition? How can I access my higher mind and act from the wisdom of knowing verse the need to fit with the crowd (or even one person’s opinion about me) ?

What am I ashamed of? Are these my own feelings and words or am I just repeating what I’ve heard from others who were manipulating my behaviors by shaming me in the past? What are the words I WANT to use to describe me and honor and appreciate myself with? If I am looking for true love, can I experience an unconditional love toward myself and model it for others?

How can I stop rejecting others in fear that they may reject me? Do I notice when I become judgmental toward myself or others? Can I look for an underlying feeling, an insight into the truth of each individual I meet? Can I see that everyone I am attracting into my life has a piece of the puzzle that helps me learn something new about me? How would our relationship look like if I already graduated from this life class and acted from the epiphany that was hiding inside each of my interactions.

How can I stop feeling guilty? How can I find my own vibrational tone and stay in my emotional vibration even if someone I love is scared, angry or resentful about my thoughts and actions. How can I understand another person’s pain without getting sucked into it? How can I forgive myself for holding a higher vibration and being at least neutral while others are falling apart? How can I understand that I am just feeling low in a moment and forgive myself for taking some time out from the drama for recuperation. How can I forgive others for being who they are and letting them be. How can I understand that everyone’s journey is their own business and let them manage it on their own? How can I stop fixing myself, the world and individual people in order to feel better?

How can I stop a habit of separation? How can I allow myself to see, speak and be my truth? How can I notice that each person has his or her own piece of the Truth and only collectively we hold a bigger picture? How can I be honest, transparent and intimate with myself and others in a way that creates an environment of truthful open communication and unrestricted energy flow? How can I be an ambassador of higher truth we call Oneness? What would it take for me to commit to being true to myself in every relationship I create?

Learning to notice what vibration you are in by becoming aware of this low vibrational patterns matrix (Repression, Denial, Shame, Rejection, Guilt, and Separation) is a major step in seeing what kind of space you are creating for yourself and others. They will also help you train yourself to set a higher vibrational environment for your personal and collective growth. Being aware of what triggers you into these six vibrations gives you a deeper understanding of your Soul Journey and the role of the players you invite to share your experience. You start seeing your relationships from your HIGHER Self perspective, having a totally different experience.

In biology, the evolution is viewed as a process by which all species develop from earlier forms of life. According to this theory, natural variations in the genetic material create new and different organisms that develop as a result of such changes. Traditionally, evolution is seen as the path of advancement of the matter. At the same time, if you deeply look into our current genetic variations reflected by “indigo” adults, “rainbow”, “crystal” and transitional new children, you will notice that we are experiencing an evolution of consciousness that drives our body (our current matter) into higher vibration. All these magical telepathic skills, entrepreneurial traits and ability to receive and process different types of sensory data by children labeled with ADD/ADHD/Autistic tendencies, can also be seen as the signs of higher consciousness evolving our physical matter in order for us to safely go through the Shift and be able to successfully bridge the Heaven and Earth.

If you see the changes within current physicality of the human species as a reflection of the process that allows our higher aspects to fully descend and stay present during this life time on Earth, you will understand how matter just follows the consciousness that needs the body for new experiences and further evolution. You will also see every experience, every relationship that results in a physical pain or transformation as a process chosen by your evolving consciousness. Your Soul is working hard to create a vibrational shift within your body from being powerless or victimized by the circumstances of life into fully grown powerful Spiritual Being playing a Human Role for its own advancement.

If you want to see your personal role in the Shift, look at one of your hardest experiences.

I invite you to and write a little letter to your consciousness:

1. Look at the most challenging lesson of your life and describe it shortly.

2. Read it and start looking for the powers it gave you, the gifts that came into your life because of this experience. Write how it changed your way of forming and sustaining relationships with others.

3. Look at the part that helps you see how this experience impacted your life. Did it take away your power or did it give you more understanding and commanding force to be a cause in your life ? It will help you become aware of your position on your consciousness map. Notice: Are you being stuck in this experience of the past or it illuminated your consciousness and gave you a new observational platform for making future decisions and acting on them?

5. Find some new aspects within your current life reflecting how your consciousness grew from this past experience. Look for some new ways of appreciating what happened for its impact on your life. Use this letter to express a gratitude to your Soul and wonderment about your magical Self for growing and changing so rapidly.

Your consciousness is not separate from Oneness we are all part of. Every time you see the truth behind the story created by your experience, you recover a piece of your Soul left behind. The more whole and complete you become, the more of your grown up consciousness is reflected within your relationship with yourself. This new vibration starts affecting different layers of your creation, including your relationships with others. Your heart, connected to your higher mind, fills with recognition, appreciation and honoring yourself. It makes your personal physical container stronger and a sweet spot of your magical self within it even bigger. This alchemical shift allows you to drop a pebble of your life purpose in the ocean of love that you are, creating a scalar wave that amplifies your impact within your family, community, country, global consciousness and Cosmic collective, transforming pain and suffering into happiness and delight.

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