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The Truth Barometer – Living Your High Mark

You are deeply in the Shift!

How your relationships look like from this depth?

Do you feel safe and content within your home environment?

Are you feeling trapped in your body, in your family, at your work place?

Does it feel like you are being trapped by someone’s perceptions?

Are you being hold back by your own limiting believes?

Are you giving yourself permission to merge with your Soul and experience your Divine Self?

The Shift is not a story in the book anymore. It is happening right now. Its ripping through the fabric of reality affects our systems within and our societal systems. It is a force we cannot ignore because it brings every unsustainable deeply hidden pattern of our life right to the surface. It forces us to be honest and look for the new ways of relating with ourselves and each other. We cannot suppress our inner knowing any longer even if it creates a dramatic change in our relationship. Today our “truth barometer” is high on the mark of how we NEED TO BE in the world, so we can experience the pleasures of ecstatic living, maybe for the first time in our lives.

If you look carefully, you will begin noticing how each person in your life designed to fit perfectly with your lessons and how much flavor they add to your life drama. You may even begin laughing with the Universe that allows you to deepen your awareness through your relationships.

Everything comes from the Source. And I really understand and mean it these days! Our Source is so much closer to us then we ever hoped for. It is the Love, the Truth, the Light and the Beauty within that is the nurturing Source of our co-creation. Every one of our mental, emotional, spiritual states ripple out into all of our realities whether we are aware of them or not. We exist in many more dimensions then we can notice or understand in every single moment. We are creating within all of these dimensions by emanating our desires, our frustrations, our disappointments, and our orgasmic moments into the fabric of this creation. Even if we cool off and forget our angry conversation with our child or spouse, it does manifest a few hours later as a car accident or in loosing a job a few weeks later. We just cannot see this connection most of the time. It is essential for us NOW to take full responsibility for our states.

As we experience low emotional frequencies inside, we entrain others with these frequencies. When we are unhappy with our partners, impatient and upset about something not happening our way, on our terms, we emanate this energy. Our expectations, self-doubts and resentments bring duality, judgment and fear, so our manifestations reflect this duality and give us experience of more and more contrast.

It is a big task to be OK with all there is to explore and experience, especially with yourself. We are big Spirits and our energy has huge resonance in our life and the lives of so many others. It is a big deal to remember that you are a gift, a miracle, a divine expression of Love and Light. It is up to you to make choices that celebrate it every day, appreciating yourself totally, completely and without any conditions.

Relationships are a Spiritual Tool, a litmus paper that helps you see where you are on your path of becoming Light. You are able to reflect more and more light, more and more love and more and Tantric life force energy that is the energy of creation from your Universal Home.

Do you recognize yourself at this level?

Do you know how to apply this energy to uplift every aspect of your life?

How much of your Spirit do you experience in your body? In your life?

As we form our relationship we look for and choose the most appropriate, the most supporting partners on our dance floor. We start the dance looking forward to dancing through life together yet we find ourselves fighting and pushing through most of the days. Why?

Your all knowing Higher Self chooses the closest relationships to be your most potent, most revealing contracts that reflect your deep hidden personal issues…

For example, some people call themselves “people pleasers”.  This way of relating is often a defense strategy created in response to an emotional, mental or physical pain endured while being criticized or shamed. Experienced over a substantial period of time (even for a month or so) this imbalance becomes a second nature. As we internalize our cultural or family’s “dos”, “shoulds” and “do nots”, our body/mind system identifies with external demands and changes our priorities. We start responding to other people’s needs and desires instead of following our own inclinations. Every criticism and every moment we feel we are not living up to other people expectations makes us less confident and certain. It creates a need to please others and prove our self-worth or fight back in order to restore our dignity. As we go through schooling, marriage, and raising our own children, we emanate these lower vibrations of fear, concern, and self-doubt, attracting similar relationship into our life.

Why do we lose our truth in relationships and take on a false identity to please others?

Lacking true, unconditional love and genuine interest in our lives, we constantly look for people that may fulfill our need for inner safety and acceptance. Mistaking this need for a true love, we create all kinds of co-dependent relationships that remind us of our family of origin or reflect our own state of neediness. Even though these relationships keep us unbalanced, unhealthy and unhappy, they provide us with a familiar environment that we already learned to navigate by either being invisible or fighting for our freedom.

Living from this perspective becomes our normal operating mode as we put aside our own needs and stop acting on our innate knowing of what is right for us. Even though our actions may create an illusion of comfort as we avoid criticism and angry interactions, a deep inner resentment and a bottomless un-satisfaction begin to build up. This disrupts our life flow and we start experiencing our relationships as struggle.

Being in relationship is like being a pickle in the jar… Whether you want it or not, you’d be pickled by the brine inside. Long term relationships are just like that. When you stay together long enough, you either learn to enjoy the brine (the chemicals in your body produced during your interactions) or you grow to hate the brine, yet are afraid that you cannot live without it. You become so dependent on the flavor it gives to your life, that you cannot see yourself living without it. As you continue to participate in relating process, you continue producing unpleasant states as these are the only states you learned to know. I call this type of relationship Feeling Good When Feeling Bad.

Do you ever wonder about the phenomenon that on a conversation with a closest friend or a family member about your needs? Even if you start a conversation articulating your request slowly and peacefully, you still end up in the quarrel…  What makes your dialogue escalate in just a few minutes? Why the heat during your conversation rises and your good intentions die in a conflict you did not mean to create? What drives you into the states that are not only unpleasant, but also have long-term implications? What makes you scream and cry while talking to the people you love the most?

The truth is that during these conflicts you may experience the same type of emotional distress that you’ve experienced before in your first relationships with the members of your original family. It satisfies your dependency on the chemicals released within the body while you are feeling lost, unheard or guilty. Behaviors or beliefs that have been modeled by your parents, spouses, or society at large drive you into a conflict-based conversation. Eventually, this type of interaction becomes a norm and this way of being grows to be your own pattern. Your body becomes dependent on the level of stimulation that the conflict energy gives you.

When a traditional medical doctor treats our conditions using prescribed medications such as neuro stimulants and anti-depressants, we receive a chemical that is similar to what we can actually create internally in our own body under certain circumstances. For instance, when people generate situations where there is no way out or they find the way to pick fights regularly, they are looking for pressure, the exhilarating rush that makes them want to continue arguing and finding new hooks to engage their partners. This process helps them get internally stimulated. Even though it is not socially acceptable, nor it is serving the highest good of people involved in the conflict, the fight does help create much-needed stimulant for some people and paradoxically helps them feel better when they are really feeling worse.

The more we allow ourselves to be a part of and co-create this type of environment, the more we become defendant on the energy produced by the conflict we create. This behavior forms a habit to be charged by the energy of an argument. This need carries itself over to other areas of our lives. We subconsciously begin to seek activities and relationships that require additional pressure, struggle, and drama. We become reliant on chemical over-production in our system, and our inner pharmacy starts working over-time to support our need for this “emotional drug”.

Becoming aware of these tendencies is one of the major steps in self-recovery and change that will allow your inner pharmacy to produce more useful chemicals that create higher emotional states (like endorphins).

You have probably experienced something similar in your conversations with you spouse or partner and can recognize the pattern I am describing. The next time you talk, you may notice that urge for conflict that feels like a need to be stimulated or energized. If you do, take a deep breath and stop your drive. Ask if there is a better way to experience a level of stimulation you are looking for. Anything you choose consciously would be better then an unconscious habit you would be able to transform.

Today’s practical wisdom to contemplate:


1. You have never meant to be small, shushed or insignificant. What others think of you is not your business, it is theirs…

Investing your mental, emotional, spiritual energy in someone’s “life accounts” who is not asking you for the investment takes a lot of energy yet brings very insignificant result. This energy is needed to support your business, the business of being YOU.

How would you feel like if you live this week as 100% YOU?

How would it look like if you would not make new investments in someone’s businesses this week?

Take a vacation from everybody’s busyness and invest 100% of your resources in yourself this month.

2. Being sensitive does not mean to be emotionally overwhelmed.

The Solar Plexus area is the emotional center in your body. Solar Plexus is the center of self-acceptance, self-honor, and self –worth. It is a place where you can feel a deep emotional guidance regarding your relationships and situations that are difficult to resolve. We often do not recognize the simple truth of the Solar Plexus: any feeling is just a feeling. We label our emotional experiences and use them as the major driving force in our relationships

I invite you to tune into the sensations of this center and find the unsettled energy stored there. Spend a few minutes looking into this force, supporting yourself in feeling all that is there to feel. Once you allow yourself to feel this energy to the core of all these sensations without the fear of being overwhelmed, you will deeply connect to this inner guide that allows you to really know what is out there by measuring your environment with your emotional barometer. It will provide you with a valuable guidance on how to live a life of connection and love.

3. Your memory stores hundreds of “recorded” childhood hours filed with criticism, blame and shame. It is time to re-program your memory!

I have been blessed with a “download” of Love Energy that became my Love, Loved, Loving meditation. This is an experience of Love that I’ve created while in deep trance communion with the Source. Save it to your computer and experience the love moving through you. Feel it with every bit of your body. It will create a new imprint in your mind and a field of attraction, joy and love that you are.

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