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The Ultimate Love Affair

The Ultimate Love Affair: How to Find yourself and Then Find Your Match

This 8 weeks tele-coaching program starts Tuesday February 28st. It is planned for Tuesdays at 2:00 pm central time (12:00 PT) and/or 5:30 pm. Each Call is 60 min long. 10 people minimum. The time of the call will be adjusted to reflect registrants’ availability.

Program includes 1 FREE personal reading of your choice and FREE Q and A session at the end of the program. Recordings will be available

This program will help you understand and appreciate yourself, boost your confidence, and build relationships that fit you. Working together in this group will help you understand and improve your communications and relating strategies that affect all your friendship, romantic and business connections. You will learn how to be heard and seen while staying emotionally stable and unconditionally loving under any circumstances
It will support you in fulfilling your dreams in every area of your life, starting with your relationship with yourself

  • Step 1: Who Am I? Discover your relationship type and strategy for success, certainty, and ease. Find out what is your unique place in the human puzzle and what gifts do you bring into every relationship. Build self-esteem and presence
  • Step 2: What Are My Hot Buttons? Identify and release major dynamics that limit your happiness or holding you back
  • Step 3: Who is in Charge of My Life Force Energy? Understand and improve the way you direct your life force/sexual/creative energy into manifestation.
  • Step 4: How to Shift from Loneliness to Romance. Understand your attraction field and how you are programmed to relate to every person in your life. Discover your genetically programmed genius and find the way to use your talents and power to create extraordinary relationships
  • Step 5: What Is My Magic? Are My Shoulds, Coulds, and Have Tos Really Mine? Resolve emotional charges, mental and physical traumas and understand hidden contracts you create with others. Trust yourself and stay in power… Even in relationships
  • Step 6: I Know What I Want and I Deserve It! – Understand, appreciate and communicate your needs and desires. Learn the best strategies for being yourself and relating to people from your truth. Create Your Desire List. Resolve inner conflicts and hurts, re-pattern your past experiences and apply your magnetic attraction to fulfill your desires. Learn to stay independent, centered and in your power regardless of the outer turmoils and influences
  • Step 7. Your Love Triangle: Understand and master 3 main aspects of your relationship: Me, You, Us. Become clear about Who is He? Who Do You Want Him To Be? What are the Love and Hurt patterns that govern your life? This will improve all your relationships and experience more love
  • Step 8   Grow Up Happy! – Understand archetypes in your family and unique purpose behind every relationship you attract. Learn how to be yourself, satisfy your needs and maintain loving supportive relationships of intimacy and trust. Create affinity, mutual respect and intimate connection with your children, family members, and partners

Investment $ 165. 8 weeks group coaching program includes 1 FREE personal reading of your choice and additional FREE Q and A session at the end of the program. Recordings will be available. Couples’ discount is $15 off each.

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Svetlana Pritzker Svetlana Pritzker, M. Ed. is an author and a spiritual teacher who supports people in living life that matches their dreams and responsibilities.


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