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WaveMaker Coaching

The WaveMaker™ is an advanced Human Software Engineering™ technology device. It picks up and processes the ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations of everything in the body. It can either invert them to cancel out unwanted resonances or amplify them to strengthen and optimize desirable resonances

Deep rooted conditioned reactions are typically in opposition to what we really want in our life and therefore create conflicting intentions inside of us. They tend to keep us stuck in old habitual ways of being that have been difficult to change.

Using the WaveMaker™ and the Human Software Engineering™ protocols we can reduce or eliminate the patterns of energy and information that hold these outdated conditioned reactions in place.

Changing deep seated conditioned reactive patterns has historically been a difficult process. However, with Human Software Engineering and the WaveMaker™ technology, wiping out the energy and information of these patterns has now become as easy dragging unwanted files to the recycle bin or hitting the delete key.

Did you ever experience these behaviors and emotions?

  • trying to force an outcome and getting aggravated
  • trying to figure things out without much success
  • over-relying on your intellect and still not able to make a decision that feels right
  • creating expectations of having it “my way” and getting angry when it is not
  • being overwhelmed by positive things and overly disappointed by negative things

Working with WaveMaker™ will help you

  • trust and act on your intuition
  • be free from the past and future
  • live in the moment totally present to any and every situation and still be free of judgments
  • being able to feel anything and everything without overwhelm
  • being completely self-sufficient and independent

It helps you evolve into emotionally healthy, well-functioning individual living continues experience of wholeness.

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Svetlana Pritzker Svetlana Pritzker, M. Ed. is an author and a spiritual teacher who supports people in living life that matches their dreams and responsibilities.


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