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Svetlana’s coaching is unique because she gives you an intuitive insight about your power and value. She taught me to live with ease, confidence and joy.  She profoundly shifted my life  into balance, creativity and fulfillment.

Irina Fingerov, DDC

Svetlana’s message is clear:  Find Your Self, Then Find Your Match in Life, Love and Career. She helps us rise above victimization and experience life as a playground for everyday miracles, awareness and expansion.

Alison Ioffe, Architect

Find Your Parenting Strength

Your children are big Souls with big Talents and small Drawbacks. Learn to:

  • Prevent illnesses and raise kind, confident, and successful children
  • BE effective in your communication and prevent conflicts
  • Support  your spouse and children with confidence, balance and wisdom


Unveil Your Role and Purpose

You are born with a code of when, where, and how things happen in your life.

  • Play your role and be on purpose in  each of your experiences
  • Use Personal Success Codes to eliminate stress, struggle and anxiety
  • Receive guidance and make financial decisions that support your dreams


Marriage PazzleEnjoy Yourself in Relationship

Relationship Puzzles are tricky and can destroy you, your happiness and finances.


Reduce Stress and Find Happiness

Experience peace of mind and profound shift into more satisfaction in life.

  • Stop addictions, despair and detrimental effects of ADD/ADHD
  • Let go of self-sabotage and chronic psycho-somatic pain triggers
  • Eliminate worries and emotional overload and find peace of mind and focus


Lana can help you find the path of least resistance and attract magic into your  life that you deserve.

Steve & Barbara Rother, Authors of 5 books in 16 languages,

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Svetlana Pritzker Svetlana Pritzker, M. Ed. is an author and a spiritual teacher who supports people in living life that matches their dreams and responsibilities.


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