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If Money Would Not Be an Issue and You Lived for 300 Years

To me, 2012 came on 11.11.11. I had a great group of people over at my house some of whom I’ve been working with for a while, celebrating the new window into the future. The visions were strong the energy was beaming and the Great Pyramid in […]

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De Corazon a Corazon, from My Heart to Yours Accepting Your Nature and… Moving Forward

This morning started with sunny brightness behind my light green curtains. The day was clear and so was my schedule. I was planning to focus on completing this article and later to work on my new book. Then phone rang and a cheerful voice from California started […]

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Got 2 B Free

I know you are a great teacher. You are a guiding light. You are an amazing coach and an authority on your topic. Yet… Do you ever feel like you have no way of reaching your own daughter or your spouse? If you feel lost even though […]

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The Alchemy of Pleasure: How to transform pain and suffering into happiness and delight

Just recently I’ve conducted a workshop during which we have been exploring aspects of personal alchemy. We’ve experimented with ways to transform the led within our life into the gold of loving relationships, connection to our inherent nature and expansion of consciousness. Today I would like to […]

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The Marriage Puzzle: To Be Or Not To Be?

This month I had a pleasure of being invited to a beautiful wedding. This invitation came over just a few weeks after the one of my young clients showed up in my office with a huge uncertainty about herself, her future life and most importantly, a big […]

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Killed by the Cupid or Valentine’s Day Survival Message

The day is fast approaching and some of us get very creative and playful. It is like getting an official permission to be romantic, sexy and expressive about our feelings. Some of us become a bit antsy and even frustrated in response to the pressure to show […]

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Matrix Energetics: How to Energize Your Water

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New Human Energetics – Becoming the Bridge between Heaven and Earth

This Solstice energy is incredible. I had to postpone my article for in order to digest and share the download I’ve received through the energetic mail. So here it is, hot from the Angelic press. The day before Solstice I woke up with an amazing vision. […]

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From Being a Baby to Raising a Baby – The Freedom to Be Present

Every one of us had a moment when we felt something that made us believe that we were small, unsafe and unworthy. These moments were encoded in our cells to remind us about these unfortunate events and protect us from future occurrences. Regrettably, these state based decisions […]

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The Truth Barometer – Living Your High Mark

You are deeply in the Shift! How your relationships look like from this depth? Do you feel safe and content within your home environment? Are you feeling trapped in your body, in your family, at your work place? Does it feel like you are being trapped by […]

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