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The Ultimate Love Affair: How to Find Yourself and Then Find Your Match

Have you ever felt yourself just going through the motions, but not know what to do about it? If so then this book was written for you. The Ultimate Love Affair is a practical guide to changing the patterns that so often lead to mediocrity. This book can help you find the path of least resistance and attract magic into your life that you deserve. Don’t just read it… use it!

Steve & Barbara Rother, Authors of 5 books and 16 languages,
Hosts at VirtualLight Broadcast at

If you’re looking for insight and illumination or simply for that next great self-help book, read The Ultimate Love Affair. It is a remarkable resource that will help you boost your self-esteem and bring your relationship with others to the level you have never imagined achievable.

Charmaine Lee, Director of International Counsel of Metaphysicians,
Radio Talk Show Host at

See It From The Top: How to Climb Everest Without Quitting Your Day Job

See it from the topBuy on Amazon

Really well written, dynamic and practical, See it from the Top presents a fascinating story of Yury’s Everest Expedition in 2009 that is filled with drama, comedy and triumphs of the high altitude life. With his unique storytelling style, Yury Pritzker does a great job of getting you into participatory mode, engaging all your senses in his challenging quest up to the world’s highest mountain. This book is something fairly rare in our modern tragedy/thriller oriented literature about Everest. It is a treat for the adventurous soul – You want the story to continue!

Climbing Everest without quitting a day job offers an exceptional and deeply personal look into what it takes to climb Mt. Everest. Not only this book is an easy and interesting read, it motivates you to trust your heart and follow your dreams against all odds.

Keith Leon, Speaker & Bestselling Author of the book, Who Do You Think You Are? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life

New Human Energetics Cards, Books, and Children Stories – Portals into the Matrix of Love

Matrix Energy Work Cards

Experimenting with entering deep states of consciousness and having profound encounters with Divine, I received many templates and visions that I have translated into multidimentional images and writings. My transformational sets (Portals into the Matrix of Love and Creative Art of Parenting) incorporate these visions and alchemical vibrations I experienced while playing with Elevated Frequencies and Beings. They helped me open my mind and heart and be organically present to the full spectrum of consciousness within and in the Universe. People who use my transformational cards for self-discovery report amazing shifts and enhanced feelings of Unconditional Love. They also attest to experiencing higher level of clairvoyance and self empowerment as they use exercises  suggested on the back of each card.

Self-Reprogramming MP3s: Matrix Vibrations for Positive Thinking

These specially crafted subliminal MP3s help you incorporate unlimited thinking and embody your dreams. Each downloadable file contains a set of 60 or more thematically focused affirmations. These affirmations are recorded with a background music that relaxes you and naturally reprograms your mind into accepting positive change. As you listen to these CDs, you easily release low vibrations and self-sabotaging tendencies, and start making desired changes for more balance, focus and happiness in your life.

There are six titles available as a single MP3 download ($2.99 each) or a set of MP3s ($14.99 for all 6)

Meditations and Guided Visualizations MP3s

Love meditation cd

Inspired by Matrix Energetics experiences, this meditation ($4.99) contain powerful downloads and Healing Frequencies that allow you to experience the sensation of flow and feeling of Unconditional Love and happiness. Working with these energetic downloads helps you get in touch with your Soul Essence, awaken your inner beauty and support a magnificent manifestation of your Body. Listening to these meditations also helps fully awaken and balance feminine and masculine energies and create a divine electromagnetic cycle, the marriage of heaven and earth, the merge of spirit and matter within us. These tools will initiate a magical transformation coming from the depth of your Being.



Body meditation cd

This MP3 ($4.99) provides a perfect day to day support for optimal health, wellness and positive transformation. Use it alone or with my 9 Day or 30 Day Weight Loss and Balance programs that help you naturally cleanse and replenish you with exceptional nutrients, producing healthier mind and leaner body. Affirmations on this CD will help you stay focused and
•    Cleanse harmful impurities from your system, burn fat and build muscle
•    Naturally reduce cravings for unhealthy foods and absorb nutrients
•    Improve body awareness and mental clarity
•    Reduce discomfort and improve sleeping patterns
•    Experience safe and immediate results

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