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What a TREAT it was to be in your awesome presence with your wonderful counterpart…you two are amazing. LOVED your insights and LOVED the Bowl Meditation. Just what the Doctor ordered! I was so amazed at what a big group you had…I am glad I was thinking it might be a more intimate group or I might have gotten in my own way out of embarrassment with my condition and not came.

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Love and Hugs… Michelle

Alive and Trusting Myself Again

When I began working with Lana Pritzker, my life was in shambles. I was desolate, in despair and depressed. My family had fallen apart; I had just gotten out of a rehabilitation center for trauma survivors, endured a nasty divorce and was declaring bankruptcy. I was deathly ill, in and out of hospitals with no one to support me and no answers. I got diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 34. I lost everything I held dear to me. Then, my beloved dog dropped dead on me. I thought my life was over. The entire construct of my reality as I had known it was shattered. I was lost, floating in another world that I did not understand.

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Nina Gargovic


From Feeling Guilty to Creativity and Joy

I began talking to Svetlana because I had a lot of issues built up inside of me to the point that I began to feel intoxicated with them. My life had taken some sharp turns in the past couple of years, and by trying to be strong, I was suppressing feelings that I had to simply get rid of. When I had my session with Lana, I understood just how seriously mind rules over matter. Lana was asking me a lot of really important questions that I was postponing asking myself. Every time I thought I had a strong intention and I could handle anything and was able to improve my situation, my body responded with pain and uncomfortable feeling, indicating that there was an inner conflict that stopped me from manifesting my intent.

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Tanya Fingerov, Jewerly Designer, Los Angeles, CA

I Feel Lighter!

Although many people see me as a friendly and sociable person, I see myself as also having an introspective side that is very private and reserved. During my work with Lana, I have been able to open up and become aware of emotional blockages that have been bothering me for a while and get rid of them.

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Thank you, Lana! R.W., Teacher, Chicago

From Jealousy to Confidence and Compassion

I went to see Lana with no expectations. She is a very easy person to talk to. After talking to her for about 30 minutes and getting to the root of my problem, I felt better already. My big problem was that I was an extremely jealous person. Not towards other people, just my boyfriend. I used to get paranoid when he would talk to other girls on the phone or in person, because I used to automatically think that he was cheating on me. During my session with Lana, I realized that what I was feeling was actually a very strong fear I grew up with because of my family situation. When I was very young, my father cheated on my mother and she was very sad and fearful of being left alone with the kids.

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Regina, Chicago

From Overweight to Happy Marriage

Lana is a miracle worker!
I have been overweight for the majority of my life, and I had a terrible relationship with food. It was almost as if I craved food that was bad for me, and I had an urge to eat even when I was not hungry.

At 20 years old, I decided that enough was enough. Working with me, Lana was able to pinpoint the issues related to my family outlook on body image. These negative programs were driving my emotional life and made me want to numb my feelings down. After my initial session with Lana, I became clear about what I want myself in regards to food and my weight and made decision to destroy my old habits and create a life style that supports me.

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Thank you Lana!Michelle Renteria, Sales and Marketing Manager, IL

From Past Traumas to Super Healthy Choices

Lana’s work is incredible. I was skeptical at first, but Lana’s at skill guiding the process helped me take developmental leaps and eradicate negative habits or programming forever. She helped me over several hurdles I never thought I could overcome. My inner thinking about being in relationship and repeating my childhood patterns changed from negative programming to super healthy perceptions in each single session, allowing me a fresh outlook that was far reaching.

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Nancy J. Phillips, Health Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner

I Am Ready for New Choices

Dear Lana,
There are many new developments in my life that I wanted to share with you. For several days after our conversation I was feeling much better, however, I realized that I needed to say what I had to say to my husband for a long time. I wanted to talk with you about it first, and after our session I understood that I was ready. I couldn’t hold it anymore.

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Thanks again.

How One Family Event and Lana Changed My Life

This March my dad had urgent quadruple bypass surgery. He never expected that he had a hart problem, but when he arrived to the hospital for angiogram procedure, it was determined that two of his arteries are 100% clogged and the third one is closed at 90%. The next day after 6.5 hours of surgery he was all right.

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Alex Nadel, Sr. Software Architect

She Gave Me a Sacred Code to Myself

I’ve met Svetlana in May of 2006 at the IONS Healing Center & Retreat in Petaluma. It was a joyful experience and our first meeting with Svetlana felt like a reunion of spiritual brother and sister. I asked Lana for a healing session to help me resolve some of my personal health issues and as well as issues with relationships in my family. During her session, Lana opened her “magic box” and helped me create positive vibrations in my personal energy field. She helped me find and re-pattern old conditioned responses to current stress.

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Julio C Valenzuela, Founder of  SIDDHISUTRA,  Certified Reiki Master

I  Realized My Fullest Potential

I have met Lana Pritzker several years ago having found myself at crossroads of what is and what could be. At that time I was not aware that Lana would become a teacher, great friend and a Light Being in my life.

We worked together on many levels, both privately and in seminars. Lana gives fully and unconditionally and she gives more than one can imagine and ask for. I am very excited about her books because the world needs to hear more from practitioners like Lana, who helps people realize their fullest potential and overcome anything that comes their way.

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 Anzhelica Shatrov, Vice President, Mortgage Landing. Chicago IL


The gift of your session was wonderful and I thank you deeply. This is the second time I have been astounded by how well you can read a person’s Energetics. There are aspects of my being that I felt you understood and helped me understand, which were almost always overlooked during  sessions with others.

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Pamela Arwine, Holistic Therapist, Founder of Healing with the Sound of Light

Sacral Energy – The Power to Create

I have been experiencing changes in my life which Lana saw coming months prior. She has a gift of knowing people by their Innate design, able to see and share their full potential long before they realize who they are. By knowing this, Lana can really almost predict their future.

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Oskar Urbansky

Pathway to Transformation

Lana is knowledgeable, caring, loving, gentle yet a very strong being, who has enriched my life in many ways. She is a light that shines for many who is interested in changing their life for the better. She helps those who are interested in improving things around them, their health, relationships with your close ones, and mainly, and most importantly, relationship with yourself.

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Tamara Bezman, Chicago, IL

Peaceful, Consistent, More Present

I loved working with Lana!
The session flowed, bringing forward exactly what I needed. We examined where my energy gets blocked (which sometimes shows up as my inability to express myself or feeling shut-down or less-than). Then Lana downloaded the new healthier state into my energy field. This was a subtle and sometimes powerful experience where I knew a big shift had occurred in me.

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Lisa Shuwal, Massage Therapist, Chicago, IL

Change with Your Support and Motivation

A glass of wine, a short nap, or even a pill can cure a few hours of suffering, but can’t escape the reality of anguish and distress. Change occurs slowly, with support, and with motivation. We can’t always be motivated on our own, or have the support of our family and friends. For this reason, I decided to get a Life Coach to help me deal with my anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

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Jessica Lee, Special Education teacher, NJ

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