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New Human Energetics – Your Place in the Human Matrix

New Human Energetics is a remarkable synergetic system that provides profound insights about your unique genetic programing and success strategy for interaction with the world.

Mix and Match different topics, ask any questions you want and learn about your Genetic Blueprint, your Sacred Contracts and your Golden Path for Success:

  • The Life’s Work – Your challenges and what you are here to do
  • Evolutionary Path – Driving force and how to move through life without struggle
  • Health and Radiance – Repressive/Expressive nature of your genius, truth hidden within your DNA
  • Divine Purpose – Strategy for wellness, fulfillment and joy of being

New Human Enrgetics Reading

Golden Path within Your Genetic Blueprint

When people do not “get” you or your message, they often reject you, your love and your services. Golden Path readings are  alchemical and interactive. They specifically focused on helping you uncover the ” BRAND YOU” and bring it into the world. When you know,  embody and enjoy yourself and your talents, you attract people, events and circumstances that appreciate you and tremendously enhance your life. Each reading is a personal divine message that activates your life purpose and  positively changes dynamics of your Life. It empowers you to live your truth, amplifies your manifestation abilities, and gives you resources for living grounded, exiting and accomplished life.

Reading Relationship Movie

Know Your Partner – The Marriage Puzzle Readings

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus … Receive a Venus Sequence reading and understand your love life, improve any existing relationships or create new ones that match your desires and do not drive you crazy with disappointments and drama.  During this reading  you will clearly see your  Sacred Contracts and lessons you receive from every person in your life. I will also then give you an exact strategy to help you attract relationships that honor and reward your uniqueness. I will answer all your personal questions and give you deep insights  for effective communication, deep connection and true love.

This session will help you bring your inner masculine and feminine powers into balance and initiate a positive transformation within  Who, Why, When, Where and How of your relationships.

Know Thy Child Reading

Understand Your Child – Family Dynamics Reading and Parenting Assistance

Family and/or children dynamics are often very complex. Our kids come in many colors: Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow.  Authoritative parenting creates rebellious children and unhappy adults.  Nurturing cooperative  relationships within the family model to your children how to be supportive yet independent and help them enjoy the benefits of family life now and in their future.

Learn HOW every member of your family is “wired” and what exactly do you need to say or do to avoid over-reactions and live in peace.  When you understand your children’s genetic tendencies and life purpose, you can teach them to be responsible, strong and successful while following their unique dreams while co-operating with others.

Reading Energetics of Money and Power

Karma and Dharma  – “Brand You” and Career Codes Revealed

During this reading you will be given your unique genetic prosperity code, so you can co-create a relationship with your Money Archetype that is based on mutual respect and trust. I will illuminate and amplify how you can be sharing your talents, unique services and wisdom with the world and help you find practical applications of this wisdom in your life.  Knowing and accepting your prosperity sequence  boosts co-creating powers, energizes your money making activities and helps you share your truth and talents effectively.

Crystal Mandala Reading

Crystal Mandala Reading – Your Power Stones and Crystals

There is a special connection between your life purpose,  health, and prosperity and the stones in your jewelry box. Crystal Mandala is a set of eight personally calculated stones that amplifies your positive intentions and assists you in using the power of Earth and Cosmos in your daily manifestations. Each Mandala consists of the eight stones with a specific meaning and function. It is highly beneficial to wear your stones or place crystals in your environment to amplify your ability to be more focused, successful and balanced.

  • The Life Stone (your guardian)
  • The Lodestone ( guards your home)
  • The Initiator Stone (removes obstacles)
  • The Wound Stone (activates potentials)

  • The Dream Stone (a portal)
  • The Money Stone (amplifier)
  • The Hoar Stone (mystical guide)
  • The Inverse Stone (deals with crisis)

Reading: Free Introduction

Life Purpose Introductory Reading – Buy one session, get this one Free

Uncover the true purpose of your life,  hidden codes in your genes and evolutionary forces in your family history.  Understand what fuels your attraction filed and let go of the repeating lessons of your life.  Ask questions and receive insights and clarity that you cannot get from your friends.

Email your date, place and correct time of birth with am/pm indication

Chakra Readings

The Law of Attraction – Personal Frequencies 30 minutes Reading  – Only  $75

Discover unique features of your chakra system and understand what kind of attraction frequencies you send out. Notice how you repress or express yourself and unlock the true genius hidden within your DNA. Get ready to have your life and relationship questions answered.

Email your date, place and correct time of birth with am/pm indication

Reading Program

Save up to $200 on Four Sessions Coaching Program

This program is a combination of FOUR Intuitive Readings and Energy Sessions that help you leave behind self-doubt, sadness and inertia and move forward into more adventurous, accomplished and abundant living. Based on the time and place of your birth, you have specific Gene Keys that unlock the inner doors of your high potentials. Four sessions program gives you a strong foundation for efficiently using this information to create wellness, love and abundance.

Having even one reading is like touching the Aladdin Lamp and spontaneously letting your powerful creative Inner Gennie out.  Four sessions will get all your burning questions answered and give you a real road map to move forward in life with certainty! To encourage your participation, I offer deep discount for multiple sessions.

Email your date, place and correct time of birth with am/pm indication

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Svetlana Pritzker Svetlana Pritzker, M. Ed. is an author and a spiritual teacher who supports people in living life that matches their dreams and responsibilities.


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